How to Play Around the Clock Darts

If you are a fan of dart games, you’ve already experienced the thrill and excitement that comes with it. Some people might feel that it’s a game for your leisure while in bars and pubs, but over time the game has gained more and more popularity in recent years, as people consider it a game that improves skills like accuracy and focus.

One popular dart game is known as “Around the Clock,” or “Around the World.” Like most other dart games, this version doesn’t limit the number of people playing the game. It’s fun to play with any number of friends and with players of all skill levels.

What Is “Around the Clock” Darts? 

This variation of Darts got its name from the method of playing – you play around the whole dartboard like it is a clock face. It is a game that utilizes every inch of the board. Just like a clock moves ascending from 1 to 2 to 3, etc., you have to hit all of the numbers on the dartboard in order. This is also one of those dart games that you can play alone and use it as a practice to test your accuracy.

This game is known to move very fast when you have skilled players, and regardless of skill level it is a fun and easy game for all.

Who Can Play?

The “Around the Clock” game does not have a particular difficulty level. It can be played by anyone ranging from complete beginners to experienced players. This game can also be played by an individual as well as a large group of people. As long as everyone has their own darts, there’s no limit to the amount of players that can play at one time.

Rules for Around the Clock Darts

The rules of this game are pretty simple and straightforward. The aim of this game to be the first person to hit all the numbers on the dartboard. Starting from 1, you hit them all in ascending order until you get to 20. From there, whoever hits the bullseye first wins. 

Each player takes their turn with three darts to try and hit the numbers with the darts in a sequential manner. 

This game has some specific rules which are a little different from the other. In this game, regardless of hitting singles, doubles, or trebles, the score is still counted as single.

For example, if you hit the double of five, it will be considered only five. If you have hit a treble ten, it will still be considered only ten.

To play this game, every player can throw three darts per turn. This means that if you can hit your desired number with your first dart, you can move on to the following number with your next two throws. You will get three chances, and if within that you are unable to hit any number, the turn will move on to your opponent. 

When an individual reaches 20, he/she still has to hit the bullseye in order to win. 

To summarize, the game is for every individual to take a turn and hit the numbers from 1 to 20 and then secure the win by hitting the bullseye.

The other players can then continue playing or simply list themselves as 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. in order of what number they got to.


The “Around the Clock” game is simple to play and easy to understand. But the game can still be made exciting with a wide range of variations and challenges. Some of these variations can be:

  • The count of single or double bullseye can be opted out for beginners.
  • For the skilled and experienced players, the board area can be made smaller. For example, only the single area below the treble ring can count, or only doubles and trebles.
  • There can be a rule included where each player has to hit one single, one double, and one treble of each number before moving ahead. 
  • There can be a limitation to the total number of darts each individual gets to complete 1 to 20 and hit the bullseye.
  • Another exciting variation can be that players can try to hit even numbers with their dominant hands and odd numbers with their non-dominant hands. 
  • You can start at the 20 and move clockwise, rather than starting at 1 and moving in ascending order.

Such adaptable and exciting variations make this game fun and never boring. It also gives flexibility for the players to make their own rules.

Is Around the Clock Darts the Same Thing as Around the World?

As mentioned earlier, both “Around the Clock” and “Around the World” Dart games are the same; the naming conventions are irrelevant. While playing the game, the dartboard looks like the hands of the clock. Also, as each player has to move from 1 to 20 in ascending order, it can seem random, like you’re traveling around the world, and hence the name Around the World Darts. 


The “Around the Clock” dart game is a popular game due to its simplicity and customizable rules. It is an excellent game for beginners, as well as experienced players, and there can be handicaps inserted to make it more challenging and exciting.

Either for a simple game by yourself to practice your aim, or to challenge your friends, this is a perfect game to play.