The 10 Best Dart Boards of 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Darts is one of the most popular and common sports played in the world, and is a great social pastime. Many commercial and office spaces have accommodated dartboards to help their employees wind down after a day’s hard work. It is a great stress reliever as a solo activity too.

The best part about Darts is that you do not require a whole range of gear and accessories for the game, so it’s an inexpensive sport to get into. The only catch is that you invest in the right dartboard. After that, it is a matter of timely maintenance, which is not a complicated process. 

In this buying guide, we talk about the different types of dartboards that you can find for yourself. We also touch upon the factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

You should take into consideration the various features of different kinds of dartboards, their installation process, and the pros and cons of having a cabinet for your dartboard. Let’s look into the different types of dartboards first.

The Different Types of Dartboards

Darts have a reputation for being a bar and pub game. But with time, the game has been used more and more in a residential space rather than a commercial space. Depending on the space availability and the match’s nature, there are different kinds of dartboards designed.

Different materials are used in making dartboards. Most of them are for use by adults, although there have been many dartboards made where children can play it safely.

There are several kinds of dartboards available. We have listed below all the types of dartboards that you can find.

Bristle Dartboards

Bristle dartboards are the most commonly used boards. It is the first choice for a professional or experienced player. They are excellent when it comes to durability. 

A premium-quality bristle board can survive without hardcore maintenance for 2-3 years. Bristle boards are mostly comprised of sisal fibers, which are compressed and glued to the back of the dartboard.

The fibers get back to their original state once the darts are pulled out, which is called a self-healing feature. Bristle dartboards are not overly expensive and are the number one choice during big-scale tournaments. In fact, bristle boards are the most sold of any type of dartboard in the world.

Electronic Dartboards

Electronic dartboards are relatively new on the market and are slowly replacing the bristle boards in commercial places. They are pretty convenient to handle and play with. They are also called soft tip dartboards since they use soft tipped darts. 

An electronic dartboard’s surface has lots of small holes that activate when a dart embeds in it. The score records automatically. One of its best features is its ability to track your performance as it records every score. However, electronic dartboards are on the expensive side, and you need an electrical outlet for plugging in and a special kind of darts. 

Coiled Paper Dartboards

Coiled paper dartboards are made from long paper strips that are tightly coiled around one another. A dart embeds well in amongst the coils, but only when the dart tips are sharp. The coils close back when you pull out the darts. A dart that has burrs will rip the paper coils, and a blunt tip will just bounce off. 

A helpful tip to remove darts from coiled paper dartboards is by twisting them and not pulling them out straight. When you pull out the dart abruptly, it might rip bits of the paper coil. Twisting the tip before pulling out loosens the grip and lets the surface attain its original texture when the dart is released.

Magnetic Dartboards

Magnetic dartboards are used primarily for casual matches, and are especially great for children. These boards require special flat tipped darts that are magnetic and can stick to the magnetic surface when hit. 

This makes the board and the darts very durable and safe to handle. The darts do not damage the board much, making them quite durable. Although, after prolonged use, the magnetic properties wear off.

Cork Dartboards

Cork dartboards are rare to find. Darts tend to stick well to cork boards, but unlike bristle boards, the cork ones do not heal completely after every hit. You cannot play on a cork dartboard very often as they go out of shape a lot earlier than any other type of board.

You can use a cork dartboard for practicing before the main event or as an aesthetic addition to your wall when you don’t want to play the game that often.

Wooden Dartboards

The most common wooden dartboards are constructed using elmwood. Other wooden alternatives are rare to find. Wooden boards need more maintenance compared to any other type of dartboards. They need to be moisturized regularly, or else they can develop cracks. 

Wooden boards are expensive, and if you play darts a lot with them, they develop holes. The surface does not self-heal like a bristle dartboard. Often, even the darts used are made from wood, and they’re expensive too and require extra safekeeping.

What to Look for in a Dartboard

Having a dartboard in your games room is a fun and relaxing way to hang out with friends. However, not all dartboards are equal. It’s imperative that you spend your money on the right board, one with maximum durability and that provides a quality experience.

Below are some of the key considerations you need to have before buying a dartboard.


The proper size is the first thing you need to consider in your search for a suitable dartboard. This impacts the amount of space that the board will take up on your wall and in your house, and also dictates the number of people that could be playing at a time.

As per the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA), a standard bristle dartboard should measure 17 ¾ inches (451 millimeters) in diameter, and the vast majority have a diameter that measures between 17.5 to 18 inches. An electronic dartboard typically comes to 15.5 inches in diameter.

If you aren’t looking to play professionally play, you don’t necessarily have to get a board that complies with the DRA’s regulations. For 2 to 8 players, a regular-sized board will suffice. If there are more than 8 people, you can opt for a bigger customized board, considering you have the space to accommodate a large dartboard.

For solo play, you can buy a board as small as 10 inches in diameter.


No matter what type of dartboard you purchase, it needs to be durable. In terms of overall durability, bristle dartboards are the most durable compared to any other kind. They are the ones preferred by tournaments and professional matches. But you should not rule out the durability factor for other types.

The best way to test the longevity is by trying out a display model in the store. You can gently press on the board to check its sturdiness. In the case of bristle boards, check whether the fibers on the surface self-heal after pulling out the darts. 

Sadly, for online purchases, there is no test and buy option, but you can and should always check the customer reviews.


The kind of material used in the dartboard construction becomes important from a maintenance point of view. It also depends on the kind of dart tip (steel, magnetic, etc.).

Most popular bristle dartboards are made from sisal fibers. These require the least maintenance. Some of the other commonly used materials are cork, plastic, paper, and wood, to name a few. Paper boards are not that durable. You see visible wear and tear within a short amount of time if played regularly.

Wooden boards are mostly made from elm, oak, or plywood. Electronic boards are comprised of metal, plastic, and rubber materials. 

Depth and Density

The density of a dartboard affects its quality, especially in the case of bristle boards. Often, a dart bounces out from the board’s surface. When you pull out a dart from the board, the surface’s fibers do not quickly retain their original position. This happens due to low surface density.

For an electronic dartboard, the density implies that of the pre-existing holes where the darts stick. More holes lead to a higher probability of a dart sticking to the board. 

A standard dartboard has a depth of about 1.5 inches. This is sufficient to accommodate the entire tip when pierced inside. This thickness, however, is only important for bristle boards. For an electronic or magnetic board, the darts stick on the surface. And in a wooden board, it is difficult for the darts to pierce through completely.

Spider – Thinner is Better

The wire scoring ring, separating the different numbered sections on the dartboard, is called the spider. The spider helps in distinguishing the different scoring sections. It is important that these wires are thin on the board. Thicker wires damage a dart’s tip if it were to hit it. 

Inexpensive boards have a non-adjustable spider, one that is mostly metal and hampers the scoring. A dartboard with an adjustable spider lets you evenly spread out the damage. Certain areas of the board get targeted more because their number leads to a higher score. A detachable spider would allow you to rotate the board and adjust the damaged sections.

Premium quality boards have spiders that are staple-free and attach to the board in different ways. These are triangular-shaped super-thin wires instead of being cylindrical. Cylindrical wires cause more bounce off compared to triangular wires.

Bristle Dartboard Features

The first bristle dartboard came into existence in 1935, which was also the first time that the clock pattern was finalized as a dartboard’s standardized form.

Bristle dartboards are made to international standards and regulations and are the number choice for professionals all across the world. These boards typically measure 17 3/4 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches in thickness. 

Rotation and Removable Ring

The most common feature in a modern bristle dartboard is the rotatable and removable number ring. The ring is rotatable to evenly use all the regions of the dartboard. In the most common games, selected areas of the board get hit the most for scoring purposes, like the 20 section at the middle top.

To let the affected sections of the dartboard heal and increase its durability, it is important to rotate the board sections and evenly use all of the sections. 

Professional Quality and Practice

Bristle dartboards are the most commonly used boards in professional matches. They comply with the necessary regulations regarding dimensions and are very durable and have excellent quality; hence a popular choice for practice purposes by professionals.

Electronic Dartboard Features

Electronic dartboards are a more modern invention. They are popular because of their automatic score recording abilities and various game options. They have pre-programmed modes that make the calculations of scores very easy.

An electronic dartboard comes with a power plug and a switch, and a musical introduction usually lights up the display when you turn it on. You then press the “Game” button to select from the different game options that are pre-programmed on the board.

The darts used for electronic boards have soft tips since they do not need to penetrate through the board. Due to this, the darts bounce out more than a conventional bristle dartboard. However, other exclusive features make an electronic dartboard more interesting than a bristle or magnetic dartboard.

Multiple Game Options

Compared to any other kind of dartboard, an electronic dartboard has various dart games installed in it. Some of the games that you can find are 01 Games (1501, 1101, 901, 701, 501, 301), Target Train, and the different variations of Cricket (like Battleship, Booster, Count-up, Mickey Mouse, etc.).

Online Modes

There are provisions for connecting the installed games in the dartboard through an app in order to compete with people in different locations. For any other type of dartboard, all players need to be in the same room. But with an electronic dartboard, people can connect online and enjoy a match with friends and family from anywhere across the world.

Automatic Scoring

The most exclusive feature of an electronic dartboard is its ability to record scores automatically. The dartboard even changes its scorekeeping depending on which game is being played. The dartboard has several small holes where the dart tip goes, and each hole has a unique sensor. Depending on the hole in which the tip lands, the score gets recorded.

How to Install and Mount a Dartboard

There are basically two kinds of dartboards – hanging and wall-mounted. Hanging dartboards just need a hook to be placed upon. Wall-mounted dartboards are fixed to the wall with screws.

Before installation, you need to identify a space where the dartboard would go. Look for an open space, preferably with no furniture or obstacles around. A regular dartboard measures between 17.5 to 18 inches in diameter, and there should be plenty of room on each side of the board.

The throwing line (Oche) needs to be 2.37 meters (Approx. 7 3/4 feet) away from the dartboard wall. Ideally, a space measuring 5 feet by 11 feet should be a bare minimum requirement for installing a dartboard.

You can place a dart mat below the board on the floor, as well as a backboard or surround on the wall. Darts have a tendency to bounce off or miss the board and can easily damage the floor and wall with their sharp tip. 

The board’s bullseye should place 5 feet 8 inches above the ground. This is an ideal eye level for a person of 6 feet height.

Use a screwdriver for bolting the brackets to the wall. A U-shaped wall bracket is ideal. For more security, you can use a toggle bolt. 

To check the board surface’s evenness, attach a rubber foot to the back of the dartboard. Also, ensure that the floor is even too for a proper stance and throwing technique.

Dartboard Maintenance

Any household object requires regular maintenance in order to thrive throughout the time you have it, and dartboards are no exception. 

First and foremost, keep a check on the room’s lighting. Brighter lights fade the colors on the dartboard. In the case of a bristle dartboard, the fibers can become brittle when exposed to constant bright light. Avoid using spotlights and don’t leave the dartboard outside to reduce sunlight exposure.

With the help of the adjustable spiders, you can rotate the board and evenly spread out the damages caused by constant penetration of the dart tips. Certain dart games require aiming in specific sections of the board. Hence, for better durability, you should rotate the sections.

However, you cannot rotate the bullseye region. Try to avoid excessive aiming towards the bullseye. It may sound less fun, but you don’t need to hit the bullseye every time to attain a high score. There are other sections where you can achieve your goals, and this keeps your dartboard healthier for a longer time.

Wooden dartboards require regular moisturizing to avoid surface cracks and bad odor. Electronic dartboards will need a regular check of the circuit wiring. For magnetic dartboards, avoid leaving the darts stuck on the board as they may lose their magnetic properties prematurely.

Do You Need a Dartboard Cabinet? Pros and Cons

A dartboard cabinet is an excellent addition to your wall décor. You can find a lot of cabinet sets online that include the board and darts as well. Using a cabinet has lots of advantages. Apart from storage and scorekeeping purposes, it also improves the feel of your games room. 

For longer durability and better protection, you should invest in a good dartboard cabinet. Make sure you get one that properly fits the dimensions of the dartboard you have. Also, a point of consideration would be the wall’s dimension where the cabinet would be installed. 

Below are some of the crucial pros and cons of having a cabinet.


  • It helps to protect the surrounding walls from damages.
  • It keeps the dartboard protected from moisture during temperature changes and when you’re not using it.
  • It protects the paints on the board from fading due to bright light exposure.
  • A cabinet can enhance the aesthetic of the wall and the room overall.
  • It has storage space for storing the darts, extra parts, and other accessories.
  • It has a built-in scoreboard for scorekeeping.


  • It takes up a lot of space on a wall.
  • It is heavy and often more expensive.
  • It requires installation involving fixtures and screws.


A cabinet protects the wall behind the dartboard from getting damaged by the dart tips. It also increases the throwing range of the target and makes it easier to concentrate on your game.

The cabinet also prevents any moisture retention; just keep it closed whenever you’re not using it. It also protects the colors on the dartboard from fading due to exposure to bright lights.


A cabinet also provides lots of additional space to store all dart-related stuff like extra tips and flights, a dart sharpener, and a marker and eraser in case of a blank scoreboard, etc. It is always convenient to have everything in one place.

The Best Rated Dart Boards Reviews 

Now that you know what to look for in a dartboard, here are our picks for the top 10 overall dartboards that can be found today.

#1. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

The Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard is the most popular dartboard on the market, and for good reason. Not only is it the best bristle dartboard out there, it’s the best dartboard period. It is made from high quality, top of the line materials in every aspect, and is the only dartboard sponsored by the British Darts Organization.

The Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard is their latest model, and it has 14% less wiring area and a 30° reduction in the razor wire angle over previous models. This gives you more room to hit the area you’re aiming at, and reduces bounce outs. You will be more accurate and safe with this dartboard than with any other.

The Winmau Blade 5 comes with patented dual core technology, a state of the art design that lowers compression at the point of impact while simultaneously increasing compression and resistance at the back of the board. The lower compression at the front allows your dart throws to stick more easily and for the point to penetrate further, which means they won’t fall out once they land. The increased compression at the back allows for faster healing of the sisal fibers and increases the durability of the board, allowing you to play for years.

Another advantage of this dartboard over others is the “Rota-Lock” system it uses. This allows the board to be locked in place and it stays level on any surface you attach it to, while also providing easy rotation to keep the board as fresh as possible each game. 

#2. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with Micro-Thin Segment Dividers for Reduced...
  • Tournament quality electronic dartboard regulation 15.5" target area
  • 39 games with 179 variations (seven cricket games)
  • NylonTough segments improve durability and playability

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard is the highest rated electronic dartboard on this list. It is fun and easy to play for every skill level, and it is made from durable NylonTough plastic and high-quality materials to ensure that it can withstand lots of gameplay. 

It boasts a wide range of electronic capabilities. For one thing, it comes pre-installed with 40 games and 179 playing mode variations, so you’ll never be bored! It is more enjoyable for beginning players who don’t want to play the traditional darts games, as well as darts experts who want to challenge themselves to learn a new playing mode. You can play on solo mode or with up to 8 players, which makes this dartboard perfect for all occasions.

One of the most unique features is the electronic heckling system, which really adds a fun, exciting element to play with. Whether you have lots of friends around or are on your own, this electronic dartboard keeps you entertained. It also keeps score automatically and does all the calculations for you, meaning it can tell you how many points to try for or where to throw. This is perfect for newer players who are just learning the rules and scoring regulations. 

The micro-thin section dividers give it a lower bounce out rate than many electronic dartboards. This means your darts will stick better where they land, and the electronic scoring keeps everything fair and accurate for all players.

#3. Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet Set

Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet with Shot King Sisal Dartboard
  • Features. Removable score ring for easy rotation. Wood cabinet features a classic walnut finish.
  • Antiqued brass-finish hinges. Magnetic lock prevents the doors from swinging out. On-door dry-erase scoreboards for traditional games like cricket; hosts up to four players.
  • Slots underneath the board for six upright darts and a dry-erase marker. Includes six starter darts. 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

The Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet Set is the best cabinet set you can buy for a bristle dartboard. It comes standard with the Viper Shot King, which is in contention for the best bristle dartboard around, and the Stadium Cabinet Set is the best product that features the Shot King board. 

The cabinet itself is beautiful, made from wood and featuring a walnut finish and antique brass-finish hinges. It also has magnetic locks that hold it closed when you’re not using it. On either door of the cabinet are two dry erase scoreboards for easy score keeping, whether you’re playing Cricket darts or traditional 501 darts. It also has slots to hold markers and darts, so you can store everything you need right in the cabinet. 

The cabinet provides extra protection for your walls, catching stray darts in the backboard that surrounds the dartboard. This helps you not to worry about missing your shots, and gives you the freedom to take risks and aim for the harder to hit areas. Additionally, the Shot King bristle dartboard features self-healing sisal fibers, as well as a removable score ring. Both of the aspects keep the board fresh and long-lasting, because you can easily rotate the board as often as you like.

#4. Gran Board 3 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

The Gran Board 3 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard is the most technologically advanced dartboard currently available on the market. Its bluetooth and online capabilities make it compatible with any smart phones or other smart devices, such as iPhone, Android, tablets, and Smart TVs. You can also play over the internet, meaning two friends or family members can link up and play from across the world!

With the bluetooth abilities of the Gran Board 3, you can keep track of your score on your phone or any smart device, as well as keep scores from previous games played. This allows you to track your progress and look back on previous games to see where you have improved skill-wise or areas in which you still need to improve. Also this board is always coming out with newer graphics and updated games and modes, which you can load into the dartboard via the built-in USB port. 

In addition to all of the technological advantages, the Gran Board 3 is made from top of the line materials that are acoustically absorbent, which means the dartboard makes a lot less sound when the darts land. It also keeps track of throws that hit the outer ring of the dartboard, outside of the main playing area, which means more of your throws count toward your score. 

#5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid- Talking Electronic Dartboard, 15.5" Target Area, Up to 8 Player Score...
  • IMPROVED PLAYABILITY AND DURABILITY - This electronic dartboard boasts the NylonTough segments, which offers durability that can withstand countless games, and shows an exceptional playability by...
  • COOL GAME FEATURES - Enjoy 48 games (8 new), with one-touch quick select of 301/cricket. Perfect for 8 players with 4 player score display. The dart averaging for ft01 games helps you track and...
  • ADVANCED VOICE PROMPT - Featuring a state of the art voice prompt that announces the dart score and an enhanced voice record feature that is available for your use. This dart board also has an...

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard, perhaps more than any other dartboard on this list, will help you improve your dart abilities. It boasts multiple features that both keep track of your score as well as provide a full analysis of your skill level. Capabilities such as its point-per-throw tracking and voice prompts are helpful in telling you where you need to improve and what you’re doing great at. This means you can constantly make adjustments to your style and become a better darts player after just a few games!

With the Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 you can play either in solo mode or with up to 8 players, and added voice prompts provide a fun and competitive atmosphere regardless of how many players are involved. It also is made with NylonTough durable plastic technology, which makes it more durable and higher quality, meaning you can play more frequently and for longer without worrying about wearing it down. 

The electronic features include 48 different games to play, as well as over 350 different modes and variations. You will never run out of new games and modes to try, or you can play the traditional games and improve alongside your friends and family!

#6. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Championship Edition Bristle Dartboard - PDC Endorsed, Ultra-Slim 30% Thinner...
  • Championship quality bristle board
  • Unicorn high technology wiring design
  • Completely staple-free construction

Unicorn is a classic darts company headquartered in England, and the Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard is their most popular, flagship dartboard. It is one of the few dartboards that is endorsed by the Professional Darts Corporation, meaning it is used by professionals and in tournaments all over the world. 

The board is made only from the highest quality sisal fibers and durable materials, meaning it will last you and your friends and family a very long time. It is designed to maximize averages because it is completely staple free and has an ultra-thin segmentation system. You will therefore get fewer bounce outs and more accurate and consistent scoring results. 

This also increases the target area in doubles and trebles, so you have more opportunities to score higher point totals. The bullseye is also staple free and the wiring razor thin around it, giving you more room to aim in the inner and outer bullseye.

The dense sisal fiber construction allows darts to penetrate more deeply into the board and reduces the possibility of them either falling out or bouncing out, meaning more of your throws will score and more accurately reflect your abilities. 

#7. Viper League Pro Regulation Dartboard

Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Starter Set with Staple-Free Bullseye,...
  • Constructed from sisal bristle fibers compressed together, providing unsurpassed durability
  • Features a staple-free bullseye which helps prevent bounce-outs; A movable number ring further extends the dartboard's life
  • Viper League Pro is an official tournament size board, measuring 18" in diameter and 1.5" D; Dartboard accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts

The Viper League Pro Regulation Dartboard is a great choice for someone looking for a well-made, quality bristle dartboard. It is made with densely packed sisal fibers that are tightly compressed by a steel compression ring, leaving them snug and in place for years. This increases the durability of the board, extending it’s life. The high density of the fibers allow them to self heal, closing up holes and punctures when you remove your darts. 

It uses a galvanized radial sector wire to delineate the sections within it, and it has a staple free bullseye. This wire is super thin and actually helps your darts land on the board more by sliding the dart tips inward with a 360° sphere shape, if the darts happen to hit the wire. This is great because it prevents bounce outs and inaccurate landings. You can be assured the wire will help your darts stick into the board, rather than preventing them!

Another advantage this dartboard has is that you can use both steel tip and soft tip darts on this board. The sisal board face is cross compatible with both types of darts. This means you can upgrade from an electronic dartboard to this bristle dartboard without having to splurge on a whole new set of steel tip darts.

#8. TG Champion Tournament Sized Dartboard

Bristle Dart Board, Tournament Sized Indoor Hanging Number Target Game for Steel Tip Darts-...
  • QUALITY BUILD – This dartboard is able to fit into most dart cabinets and is made of an enhanced self-healing bristle construction, proving to be more durable than cork or wound paper boards when...
  • MULTIPLE GAMES – All varieties of your favorite bar games are playable on this bristle dartboard, including cricket, Shanghai, Around the Clock, and more! This dart board is great for those learning...
  • SCORING ADVANTAGE – This board has a staple-free frame and bull’s eye and spider wire dividers- reducing dart deflection for a good shot. Similar to those used in tournament/professional games,...

The TG Champion Tournament Sized Dartboard is a high-quality bristle dartboard that features enhanced, self healing sisal fibers, keeping your dartboard free of holes and increasing its lifespan and durability. This dartboard is also budget friendly, as it costs only about half the price of the other top of the line dartboards. 

If you are just a beginner or a player with years of experience, this dartboard is a great purchase. It boasts many of the same features as bristle dartboards that are twice the price. It has a completely staple free frame and bullseye, which reduces bounce outs and leads to more shots going where you want them to go. It also has a spider wire frame and dividers, almost eliminating dart deflection and helping your darts land safely. Thus, the board scores your throws – and misses – very accurately and gives you a great picture of where your skill level is. 

Another benefit to the TG Champion dartboard is that it is cross compatible, meaning you can play on it using both steel tip and soft tip darts. Therefore, if you already have an electronic dartboard with soft tip darts and want to try out a bristle dartboard, this one is a great option because you don’t have to worry about buying a whole new set of darts.

Made of enhanced, self-healing bristle construction; staple-free frame and bullseye, and spider wire dividers (reduced dart deflections and bounce outs, scores very accurately); includes wall mounting materials and game instructions (teaches you how to play); accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts (move from playing electronic darts without switching and paying); very well made and quality materials, good traditional design

#9. WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard Set

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard Set LCD Display with 12 Darts 100 Tips Power...
  • 🎁21 EXCITING GAMES WITH 65 VARIATIONS - Game list: 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, Cricket, No-score cricket, Scram, Killer, Football, Bowling, Double down, High score, Shanghai, Golf, Shove a...
  • 🎁𝐖𝐈𝐃𝐄 𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐂𝐇 𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆🎁 - Wide catch ring offers protection for your wall from errant throws.
  • 🎁𝐋𝐎𝐖 𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄🎁“It’s the only budget dartboard that doesn’t have a million complains about the darts flying out.” By abovehouse...

For an electronic dartboard on a budget, look no further than the WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard Set. It is the best bang for your buck you can get with an electronic dartboard. It comes packaged with 12 soft tip darts and an additional 100 dart tips, which is more than any other board on this list and probably more than you find anywhere. 

It is made from high-quality, durable plastic, and both the physical dartboard and the electronic technology within it last for a very long time without showing any signs of wear and tear. It has an ultra-thin spider segmenter, leading to fewer bounce outs, and the wide catch ring around the dartboard protects misses from landing on the wall or bouncing onto the floor. 

In terms of electronic features, it has a bright, large LED display for easy scorekeeping; you can see the score from where you stand and throw, eliminating the need to have to walk within the throwing area to keep score. It also has a voice announcer, making a fun time of either solo play or multiplayer with up to 8 players. It comes with 21 different games to play, as well as 65 variations and modes, so you can play any type of darts game you can think of.

#10. Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet Set

Centerpoint Bristle Dartboard and Solid Wood Cabinet - Dark Cherry Finish
  • SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION – This handsome cabinet is expertly crafted from solid poplar hardwood. A rich, dark cherry finish completes the look, providing a perfect complement to your game room, rec...
  • DESIGNED TO LAST – Featuring a regulation, 18-in sisal fiber board that heals quickly and minimizes bounce-outs, this set will provide your family and friends with hours of fun. Rounded target frame...
  • REGULATION ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – Includes two sets of steel tipped darts with durable nylon dart flights (2 sets of 3). Keep track of the fun with two dry erase scoreboards that are mounted on the...

The Hathaway Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet Set is a beautiful, well-made dartboard and cabinet. The cabinet is durable and will last a very long time, because it is made from poplar hardwood, and it is finished with a rich, dark cherry finish that makes it look great. It is a very classy addition to any games room for a reasonable price. 

The dartboard set comes with 2 sets of 3 steel tip darts, all with durable nylon dart flights. It also features two dry erase scoreboards, one on the inside of each cabinet door. With this set, you can get started playing tournament level darts right away, and keep track for multiple games at the same time. 

The set also includes a tournament ready bristle dartboard, with dense sisal fibers that heal quickly and don’t wear down for a long time. The board also has a very thin wire divider, which, combined with the solid sisal board face, minimizes bounce outs and keeps the walls and floor around your dartboard from getting hit. The manufacturer is so sure of the quality and standard of this dartboard cabinet set that it comes with a very long 180-day warranty, meaning if you are unhappy with any part of the set they will send either replacement parts or an entirely new set to you for no extra cost. 


What Dartboards do Professionals Use?

Professional dart players use bristle dartboards that are made with sisal fibers. These type of dartboards are used with steel tip darts. As for dartboards used in professional tournaments, brands such as Winmau and Unicorn have been endorsed by professional dart associations and the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core and the Unicorn Eclipse Pro are often found in tournament play.

How Long do Dartboards Last? 

This depends on the quality of the board and how often you play on it! Higher quality boards, such as the Winmau 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard, could last up to 4 or 5 years if you play only once or twice a week and rotate the board regularly. However, if you play an hour every day then even the top end boards won’t last more than 6 or 7 months. 

What Type of Darts Should I Use?

This depends on the dartboard. With an electronic dartboard you want to use soft tip darts, to ensure that they don’t damage the plastic of the dartboard. With bristle dartboards made out of sisal fibers, you should use steel tip darts, because these are what professional dart players use. However, some bristle dartboards are cross compatible, meaning they can be used with both soft tip and steel tip darts. Be sure to check your dartboard information before using!

Conclusion – Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far and are still wondering what dartboard would be best for your unique situation, we would recommend a few options.

For the best bristle dartboard, and the best dartboard overall, be sure to go for the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard. This is the board many professionals and tournaments use, and it is the state of the art in almost every aspect. 

If you are looking for an electronic dartboard, then our recommendation would be the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. It is durable, made with high quality materials, and has a lot of cool, unique electronic options for different styles of gameplay. 

For a dartboard cabinet set, the top one you can purchase would be the Viper Stadium Cabinet Set. It comes with the Viper Shot King, a top of the line bristle dartboard, and it is a great looking and very durable cabinet that comes with a lot of additional products, so you are immediately ready to play any darts game you can think of.