The 5 Best Dart Cases and Wallets in 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When going to play darts at a friend’s house or traveling for a tournament setting, you might find it necessary to keep track of your darts and accessories. People often lack a proper holder to keep their stuff all in one place, secure and intact.

This is where dart cases come in handy. They safeguard and protect your valuable (and costly) darts from getting damaged and help you easily carry them along with you. 

You may find it challenging to choose the right dart case for you, so this article discusses all of the different features you need to consider in order to select the right dart case.

At a Glance: The Highest Rated Dart Cases and Wallets

#1. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case

#2. Target Darts Galaxy Aluminum Case

#3. Casemaster Pro 9 Leatherette Darts Case

#4. Viper Wall Mounted Dart Caddy

#5. Harrows Z-800 Darts Case

How to Choose a Dart Case?

This mostly depends on your personal preferences and requirements. If you need to store more than one set of darts, or a lot of accessories, you should go with a dart case having a larger storage capacity. However, if you only require space for one set, it is suggested to buy a smaller dart case. You should note that a smaller case is more comfortable when it comes to portability.

The next criteria are the price and quality of the dart cases, and often the quality of a dart case directly depends on its price. If you want a quality case, then you may go with a metal or aluminum one, but they may come with higher prices. 

At last, you should also consider the size of the dart case while buying one. Your dart case should be large enough to accommodate all your darts and accessories.

What Is A Dart Case?

Many people enjoy and have an interest in playing darts, and in case you want to be a dedicated player or have a passion for playing darts, then there is no doubt that you will want to keep your darts in good condition for as long as possible.

A darts case is leather, metal, or fabric case that you can put the darts safely inside so they stay safe and undamaged. You can then carry the case and have everything you need inside.

Darts have very sharp tips, and at times these can cause injuries. Hence, it is recommended to avoid these mishaps. Having a dart case reduces your chances of unwanted accidents and helps in retaining the overall quality of the darts.

Dart Case Vs. Dart Wallet

The main difference between dart cases and dart wallets lies in the type of material used in making them. The size may also vary between them – a dart wallet may be smaller with a smaller storage capacity when compared with dart cases.

Types of Dart Cases

Dart cases are built from a variety of materials. The type of material used determines the durability of the case to a large extent. You can get two kinds of cases: hard and soft dart cases. 

Plastic and metals are used in hard cases; they are highly durable and are best for players who travel frequently. Their sturdy, high-quality material provides more protection to the equipment inside and prevents it from getting damaged.

Soft dart cases are made from nylon or fabric and the advantage to go with them is that they are inexpensive and more lightweight. 

So, based on the type of material used, we have various dart cases mentioned below. 

Aluminum Dart Cases

These usually have a larger space to accommodate darts and other equipment. Aluminum makes the cases stronger and more durable to last long. They amazingly safeguard your equipment and avoid scrapes and bumps. In terms of quality, then they are the strongest case that you can find.

These tend to be more expensive but are very high quality at the same time. Aluminum dart cases have a hard exterior and a soft cushioned interior. Hence, they can absorb any strong knocks and keep your valuable items intact.

Many of them also have locks to give you even more protection. Perhaps the only negative point with these cases is that they are a bit heavy, and you may find them uncomfortable to lug around for hours at a time.

Plastic Dart Cases

If you want to buy an inexpensive dart case, you can go with a plastic one. They are economical, but you can still get decent quality in accordance with the price you are paying.

You can still use them for carrying your darts with you but avoid keeping the case where it can get damaged. The plastic material makes the case very light, so you can easily carry it with you. Though they do not have the quality of a metal or aluminum dart case, they provide adequate protection to your darts and accessories. 

Nylon/Fabric Dart Cases

Nylon dart cases are a lot like plastic dart cases. Their cushioning and softness make them effective at protecting the darts. Though these cases cannot be compared with metal dart cases, they safeguard your darts and other equipment. Their light weight enables you to carry them comfortably. Nylon cases can be a bit expensive and provide more space for your valuable darts and accessories. 

You should note that nylon cases do not cost as much as metal cases do, and they tend to be more compact. Additionally, they have several pockets, which can be very useful for extra pieces.

Leather Dart Cases

These are stylish cases for enthusiastic dart players. The leather makes it last longer, and the high-quality and robust exterior safeguards your darts and accessories.

Their size is often compact and enables you to carry them along without any trouble. A dart case made from leather usually comes with an attached belt that you can attach to your side or wrist. You also may get multiple colors to choose from. 

They usually have cushioned interior to reduce external impact and allow your darts to stay in one place. You may get a dart case with additional pockets to keep more flights and accessories. 

They usually have a high cost and good quality. At times the foam may not be fixed properly but don’t worry, you can fix it quickly. Leather is resistant to dents but can be vulnerable to scratches.

Wood Dart Cases

Dart cases made from wood look really unique, and they’re usually high quality and durable. You may find them a bit heavy and sizeable, though. Just like leather dart cases, these are also resistant to dents but may get scratches. 

You need to take precautions and care while using them. You would have to regularly paint and varnish them to protect these cases from the impacts of weathering like damp or mold.

Dart cases can also be classified into two types by purpose, as steel tip and soft tip dart cases.

Steel-Tip Dart Cases

These cases are required to be flexible enough to lodge darts of different sizes, because steel tip darts have different sizes, shapes, and weights. The dart case should be such that it could accommodate varying darts and extra tips and accessories.

Soft Tip Dart Cases

Here the keyword is ‘soft’. Soft tip darts are more prone to damage, so you will require additional tips whenever you play. The dart case should have extra space to accommodate all the additional tips you will need for your dart set.

Storage Capacity

If you are a darts player, then it is very typical that you would want a dart case that has larger space or storage capacity to accommodate your darts and accessories.

Cases with more storage are not appropriate for all players, however, so it’s recommended to choose the dart case that fits your requirements. You should buy the dart case which could accommodate your darts, along with your personal situation. 


Another thing that you should note before buying a dart case is the size of the dart case. It is required to have your darts and equipment placed in one space. The size of your dart case relies mostly on you — e.g. the number of darts and accessories you need to keep and your taste. Carrying more drafts and accessories automatically leads to the bigger size of the dart case. 

The size of the case also relies on the kind of player you are. A more experienced player needs to keep more darts and flights and hence require a dart case that has a larger size. Additionally, he will require more pockets and sleeves to accommodate any extra accessories.

The Top 5 Dart Cases and Wallets Reviewed

#1. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case

Casemaster is one of the leading brands in the dart case industry, and the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is their best product. The case has an aluminum shell, which is a great case material because it is very light but also durable and strong so it provides great protection for all of your darts and dart accessories. 

The case is shaped as a rectangle, giving it enough space inside to hold 9 complete darts, and expanded storage allows you to store everything else you could need for all of your dart games. It has 12 little pockets for extra flights, 10 larger pockets to fit extra shafts, and even more sleeves and two accessory tubes for tips, barrels, and dart sharpeners and tools. 

The case has an ergonomic handle, so you can carry it around with you all day without your wrist tiring. It also has a durable shell added to each side of the case, as well as reinforced corners and dual buckles for each opening. Additionally, Casemaster stands behind this case so strongly that they offer a 90 day guarantee. 

#2. Target Darts Galaxy Aluminum Case

The Target Darts Galaxy Aluminum Case is a great, elegant looking case. It has a great outside look to it, with a sleek, minimalist design, a laser engraved Target logo, and a shiny silver coating. The unique and innovative design for this case includes hidden magnetic clasps, so there are no bulky latches or locks sticking up to catch your pocket or jam your finger. 

The case is made from aluminum, so you can rest assured that all of your darts and accessories will be well protected. Inside, the case has soft EVA inserts that can securely hold 3 full darts, without having to disassemble them before or after a game. 

It additionally has space for 12 extra dart flights and 6 extra shafts, so you will never run out of materials, and if a dart happens to get damaged you can immediately replace any of the components. There are no pockets or sleeves, so everything has its place and they are easy to insert and remove quickly and without any bending or breaking.

#3. Casemaster Pro 9 Leatherette Darts Case

The Casemaster Pro 9 Leatherette Darts Case is a versatile case with a shiny, black leather exterior. It holds an enormous amount of storage inside, with room for 9 darts, which is 3 full sets. You can carry a main set, a backup set, and even a friend’s set in this one case. Additionally, there is tons of space for everything else you could possibly need at a dart game. 

It has 15 side pockets for extra flights in all different styles and colors, and additional plastic compartments and tubes, each with its own individual lid. This provides both extra protection for any items you need to store in them, as well as extra storage in an organized compartment.

The case is made with a premium, durable leather exterior. It also has a hard resin interior, which forms a protective shell around all of your inside items. The darts themselves are placed on a solid foam insert that locks them securely in place. This prevents any and all movement, so they won’t shuffle around and scratch or dent each other while being transported. 

#4. Viper Wall Mounted Dart Caddy

The Viper Wall Mounted Dart Caddy is not a case for transportation or protection while you travel to a dart outing. Instead, it is a caddy you hang on your wall in order to organize and display your darts while at your home or at another place. So, if you don’t travel with your darts all that often and still want to have a stylish carry and display case, this caddy would be perfect for you. 

The caddy is constructed out of solid wood, with each hole drilled with precision to perfectly fit each dart and space them apart. The holes therefore won’t damage the steel tips or soft tips of the darts, and the ample spacing allows room for the dart flights to not touch each or get bent in any way. The caddy can either be placed down flat as a stand or mounted on the wall, and it’s shiny black finish means it can complement the look of any classic dartboard or cabinet set. 

The board can comfortably fit up to 12 darts, meaning you won’t ever run out of darts to play with in a match, and you can even let friends or family use some and play multiple games at once. There’s also a metal hook at the bottom of the board on which you hang the velvet accessory bag that comes with the caddy. Here you can store any extra items you need, like extra flights, shafts, tips, and tools.

#5. Harrows Z-800 Darts Case

If you’re looking for a simple dart case with no extra frills or handles, then the Harrows Z-800 Darts Case would be a great fit for you. It is a minimalist, elegant design that zips up and can easily fit in your hand like a wallet or a phone case. However, it is still made with a high quality nylon and fabric combination, and it will keep your darts safe and protected during transport. 

The case is a lot more spacious inside than it looks at first glance. Instead of one bifold opening it actually has two, allowing for double the space you see from the outside. It has room to securely fit 6 darts, or 2 full sets, so you can travel assured that you have everything you could need. 

The darts are held in place by an elastic band, which keeps them perfectly still and means they won’t jostle or bump each other when you’re travelling. In the other section are two big pockets that can store any and all accessories, like flights, shafts, and steel or soft tips. Also, the case has a carabiner attachment at the top, so you can hook it to your belt loop or another suitcase, so it can never be misplaced. 

Final Thoughts: Which Case Should You Buy? 

If you have made it through this entire buying guide and still are not sure exactly which darts case you should purchase, allow us to make one final recommendation. Our choice for the best darts case currently available is the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case. It holds up to 3 full dart sets, has tons of storage for everything you need with accessories and backups, and comes in a durable and sleek carrying case. It has everything a burgeoning darts player could want!