The 5 Best Dart Flights in 2023: Reviews and Guide for Buyers

The flight of a dart is an integral part of its anatomy. It assists with stability in the air and controls air resistance by raising or lowering altitude. Flights also allow you to customize your equipment to match your visual and playing style, enabling you to personalize your gameplay. The options are infinite, with many colors, patterns, and graphic styles to choose from.

How to Choose Dart Flights?

When choosing the best dart flight for you, you want to consider certain aspects like size, weight and durability, shape, thickness, texture, and price.


Dart flights are available in various sizes and shapes, which you can customize based on your personal preferences. The drag on the rear end of the flights adds length and acts as a counterbalance to keep the darts horizontally balanced during flight. Smaller flights allow the dart to travel faster through the air, but this could lead to more bounce outs and less control.


Your performance could also be affected by the weight of the dart flight. Heavier flights provide more precision with throws than lighter ones, because they make the dart fly slower.

When looking for the best dart flights, durability should be a top priority. When you buy top of the line dart flights, you can rest assured that they will last longer and be more durable. Durability varies depending on the type of material used, the design, the brand, and the size.


Nowadays, there are various dart flight shapes to choose from. Each shape has a distinct impact on the trajectory of the dart. Most people prefer a standard shape because it’s stable and provides a lot of lift, which is ideal for beginners and professional players alike.

The teardrop dart shape allows for greater accuracy, optimum lift, and the ability to reach a particular location. The kite style flights are made to provide you with full control over the dart. 

Thanks to their aerodynamic form, lantern-shaped dart flights provide the most in-flight stability. The slender flight is usually best for those who play with heavier darts.

Standard Flights

Standard flights are the most common flights, as well as the largest shape available, and they are a perfect way to start for any player. They give the dart a steady flight path and keep it straight in the air. These flights will help you develop your game if you have a pattern of landing shots that hang on the board with the tail to the floor – they’ll keep your shots landing more consistently horizontal.

Built specifically for use with steel tip darts, they’re suitable for those who want to throw with a more subtle, flat arc. If your darts are strong or have longer shafts, you will benefit from the standard flights as well. 

You’ll need big regular flights if your darts continuously reach the board at an upward angle, with flights angled toward the floor. The extra drag will raise the tail, and should fix the angle. The larger regular flights will also help stabilize the dart if it has a longer shaft.

Slim Flights

These flights are a lot smaller than standard flights. They’re used more for lightweight or short-shafted darts and are perfect if you want to throw harder and quicker. 

If you like to use soft tip darts you might consider going for slim flights, because soft tip darts are usually lighter and therefore require more force to stick to the dartboard.

Kite Shape

Kite flights are also smaller than normal flights but bigger than slim ones. So, you get an average amount of speed – more speed than with an average flight, but less than with a slim flight. Kite flights are very rarely used while playing, and so you don’t see them sold in packs that often.

Pear Dart Flight

Because of the small surface area, a pear dart flight offers minimal drag. This allows for tighter grouping, and is less prone to damage by another dart. These flights are widely used by professional players.

Lantern Dart Flight

Players the like more aerodynamic throws prefer lantern-shaped flights. They have a unique form that keeps the tail low while the dart is in the air. It is a great option to consider if your shots tend to land pointing or slanted downward.


The V-wing is a type of flight that keeps your darts moving at high speed. It has a unique shape that increases airflow over the central section while simultaneously generates lifts from the two outer wings. They’re also very aerodynamic, which aids with your precision and consistency.


Another factor that has a significant impact on the potential quality of your flights is their thickness. In general, the thicker a flight is, the more durable it is and the longer it will last. Flight thickness is measured in microns.

Some dart flights are only 75 microns thick, which makes them less expensive, but they’re not the strongest. The ideal thickness is 150 microns, however, as it enhances both the dart’s longevity and stability, helping you to throw smoother and score more consistently.


The surface of the flight is referred to by its texture. Smooth and dimpled darts are the two types of dart textures.

  • Smooth Flights: These potentially have the regular amount of drag and air resistance, allowing the darts to fly in their normal direction.
  • Dimpled Flights: They have more drag or wind resistance, which means they are more stable and fly slower.

You should check your dart flights before each throw and adjust them to a 90-degree angle if necessary. When a flight is on the board, and another thrown dart strikes it, they tend to break easily. If you put on flight protectors while playing, this will keep the flights from breaking.


While the price difference between the top of the line flights and the cheapest sets is minimal, it is worth noting. The best dart flights are also the costliest dart flights, but only by a few dollars at the most. We would recommend getting the best flights that work right for you, because the quality difference is larger than the price difference.


Most dart flight brands state their warranty details directly. A good guarantee will be offered on the best dart flights. For example, some suppliers offer a promise of 30 days, while others offer 90 days, one year, or a lifetime.

While flights are relatively inexpensive compared to other darting equipment, we would recommend getting the best warranty you can when purchasing them. It would add security to your purchases and allow you to play comfortably and without stress.

Number of Flights

The number of flights per set is an excellent factor to remember if you are choosing the best dart flights for yourself. Players often complain that larger sets of more than 100 pieces are often weak, with flights lasting only a single game. Smaller collections of high-quality flights are sometimes more useful. You can buy flights in sets of three, five, ten, or thirty flights, and sometimes even more.

We would say, though, that when it comes to flights, quality is better than quantity. Fewer, higher quality flights can more readily improve your game than a large set of poor quality flights.

Top Rated Dart Flight Reviews

#1. Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights

5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim
  • DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE; The unique design has two features; The outer display is laminated for strength and toughness while the central translucent display helps achieve a more accurate and consistent...
  • Extra Strong
  • Harrows Slim Shape Flight

Harrows is one of the most trusted names in darting, and the Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights are the best selling and highest rated flights you can find currently on the market. These flights are made from a quality plastic that is solid and durable, so they last a long time. They are also 100 microns thick, which is thicker than many comparable flights. This means these flights are stronger and more resistant to wearing down, as well as incidental scrapes and bends. 

The flight set comes with 15 flights, and if you keep them well protected when not in use each flight can last for many hours of gameplay, so you can have this one set for multiple years. The flights are made specifically to fulfill two dual purposes. The first feature is that the outer layer of the flight is laminated, which increases its strength and overall durability. It also has a slight honeycomb texture that increases drag just a little bit, giving you more control over the dart and slowing it down in flight.

The second feature it boasts is a central translucent display. This softer inner material compensates for the rigidity and thickness of the outer layer, and provides a flexibility while in the air that gives the dart a more consistent and precise arc. 

#2. IgnatGames Dart Flight and Accessories Kit

IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories - Sets of 30 Different Shape Darts Flights and 6 Flights...
2,373 Reviews
IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories - Sets of 30 Different Shape Darts Flights and 6 Flights...
  • ✔️ A VARIETY OF ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR NEEDS – Try 10 different sets of slim size dart flights with unique designs and boost your experience. Use the 30 flights to customize your darts and gain a...
  • ✔️ DURABLE SLIM DARTS FLIGHTS YOU CAN RELY ON – Made of resistant polyester cut in 26 mm2 shapes, these versatile 120 µm thick dart flights are easy to mount on any darts shaft.
  • ✔️ SLIM FLIGHTS WITH PROTECTORS FOR INCREASED LIFESPAN – With 2 sets of flight protectors (6 in total) included in the package, you can maximize your flights' lifespan and keep them square.

The IgnatGames Dart Flight and Accessories Kit comes with everything you can think of or need for your flights. Firstly, the kit comes with 30 flights, with 3 each in 10 different colors and styles, which is such a high amount that it could take you many years to get through them all, so one purchase now could set you up for life. The flights come in either slim shape, which is 26 millimeters2, or the standard shape of 38 millimeters2, depending on your personal preferences.

The flights themselves are made from a highly durable polyester, so they can each last for many hours of play. Also included are two sets of flight protectors, 6 total, which drastically increase the lifespan of each flight, as well as keep the flight square when being used. This combination of durable material and flight protector means that these might be the longest lasting flights on the market.

Both the dart flights and protectors are easy to assemble onto a dart, as well as easy to remove, and they come with sturdy plastic cases with safe closing clasps that keep the flights undamaged while they are not in use. Additionally, this kit comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, so you can try it with no hesitations. 

#3. Harrows Carbon Mixed Darts Flight Set

The Harrows Carbon Mixed Darts Flight Set is similar in a lot of ways to the Retina set listed above. These flights are 100 microns in thickness, which gives them a durability unmatched by similarly priced flights. They are also coated in a plastic laminate that still performs well after many, many games. This set of 15 dart flights – 5 whole sets – could last you multiple years due to the amount of flights you get and the solidity of each individual one. 

While they are thick and sturdy, these flights are also easy to assemble with the rest of the dart. They fit snugly onto the end of the shaft and add a lot of extra stability to the flight path of the dart. They’re not too heavy to upset the balance of the weight distribution from the barrel and shaft, but are heavy enough to make the darts fly straight and precise. For their lower price point, these are a great set of flights that will improve your accuracy and raise your skill level. 

#4. Cosmo Fit Slim Dart Flights

Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight - Slim Dart Flight
  • Innovative flight and shaft system
  • The "push in" system provides easy insertion of flight into the shaft
  • The flight is pre-molded so it retains the 90 degree angles

The Cosmo Fit Slim Dart Flights offer a unique and innovative solution to the problem of properly and quickly fitting the flight on the shaft. Most other flights come with a cross pattern at the bottom that then slots into four slots in the dart shaft. This can often be tricky and takes a lot of patience and finesse, and flights can get bent or otherwise damaged in the process. Sometimes the flights don’t get stuck in all the way because of this, and fall out mid game. With the Cosmo Fit Flights, this would never happen. 

Due to their innovative design, these flights have a hole at the bottom that then fits over the specifically designed shafts. This “push in” system is a lot quicker and safer than the traditional flight insertion method. The Cosmo flights are also made of pre-molded rubber, so they never lose their 90° angles at the top. This makes them durable and long lasting, as well as incredibly easy to switch on and off of different darts. They also come in standard and pear shapes.

For a beginner set or for children looking to learn more about darts, these are one of the best options you can choose. However, the only downside is you have to order specific dart shafts, as these flights don’t work with any shaft. 

#5. Winmau Rhino Extra Thick Darts Flights

The Winmau brand is a trustworthy and reputable name throughout the dart community, and the Winmau Rhino Extra Thick Darts Flights are their best selling flights set. These come in a standard shape, rather than slim or narrow. They have a large surface area, which will keep even heavier dart barrels stable through the air and propel them to where you aimed for. 

The lack of raised textures on the surface additionally helps the darts fly faster and produce less air resistance. This means the air doesn’t push the dart anywhere you don’t want it to go. Additionally, these flights are extra thick, so they have the mass to balance out the weight of a heavier tungsten barrel, and are more difficult to bend or break during play. They also come with the Rhino Long Life assurance, which means that they last longer and take less damage than similar brands at comparable prices. 

Conclusion: Which Darts Flight is Best For You? 

We hope you have learned a lot from this buying guide about how to choose the best dart flight for you and your playing style. If you still are on the fence about which one to get, we would make a second recommendation for the Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights. These are the top option on the market nowadays due to their durability and flight stability. They could provide the boost you put your gameplay over the top.