The 5 Best Dart Shafts in 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you own or are looking to create a games room, having the right darts is essential for keeping players engaged and providing them with an enjoyable experience. For that reason, it’s important to get the best dart shafts possible. With all of the options out there today, it can be difficult trying to find one that suits your needs. That’s why we have done the research and created this buyer’s guide – so you can focus on what matters most: optimizing playtime in your space.

Our in-depth reviews and buyer’s guide on the 5 best dart shafts in 2023 will provide all the information you need for modernizing and optimizing your dart setup. With enhanced performance, reduced vibration, longer lasting durability, lighter materials, and more customization options available than ever before – these high quality products are perfect for any aspiring darts aficionado.

Read on as we dive deep into what makes each top rated product unique so that you can make an informed buying decision based on your specific needs.

The Different Types of Darts

There are three main types of darts, each with their own distinct characteristics. There are steel tip darts, soft tip darts, and magnetic darts. Let’s review each type in more detail.

Steel Tip Darts

Steel Tip Darts are the iconic, most traditional choice for darts enthusiasts. Made of heavy-duty material, they can with stand any impact and have become a favorite among professional players who prefer to feel like they’re playing on an authentic bristle dartboard. People all over the globe appreciate steel tip darts as it is what classic and professional games are played with.

Centuries ago, soldiers developed this game by hurling spearheads at a tree trunk or wine barrel. It was then that steel tips became widely adopted for their sharpness and durability. Should you ever feel that the tip of the dart is beginning to dull, remember it can always be resharpened to its original state!

Soft Tip Darts

Soft Tip Darts provide a safer and more enjoyable playing experience than their steel tip counterparts. The plastic tips are designed for use with electronic dart boards, making them the ideal choice when children or guests are present or if you want to prevent damage from occurring to your walls or floor. With soft tip darts in hand, you can rest assured knowing that your game and the players is safe!

These darts have been ingeniously designed to be incredibly lightweight, ranging from 14-16 grams. You won’t need to worry about the quality of the tips as they are constructed with long lasting plastic material that will last you a lifetime!

Magnetic Darts

Magnetic Darts are the safest option for children, as their flat discs at the end stick to a magnetic dartboard on impact. This type of dart is far less hazardous than both traditional steel tip and soft tip darts.

Magnetic dartboards are a less costly option, but their quality pales in comparison to traditional darts. If your family is still new to the game or you have young children who would like to join in on the fun, magnetic boards are an ideal choice. They may not stand up over time as well as classic options, yet they’re perfect for anyone just beginning with this games room pastime!

Parts of a Dart

Selecting the perfect dart set is essential whether you’re looking for some fun or playing professionally. Once we know the ins and outs of how a dart is made, it’s easy to decide which one deserves our time and money.

Let’s take a look at all of the different parts there comprise a dart. There’s the shaft, flight, grip or barrel, and tip.


The shaft of a dart is an essential component for its success; it serves as the middle ‘pipe-shaped’ part that links the flight to the barrel and grip. There are many materials used in producing these components such as nylon, plastic or aluminum; additionally there are carbon fiber shafts that are relatively newer. Aluminum shafts are particularly preferable due to their lightweight durability which make them resilient against multiple hits without effecting accuracy – leading to improved scores with each throw!


The flight is an integral part of the dart – it’s what appears at the back end, usually produced from plastic or rubber. Its size and style matter greatly to your performance; consequently, there are numerous forms of flights that can be used for various functions – some add stabilizing features whereas others may significantly reduce its speed. To see just how substantial these changes can be on your play-style, you’ll need to make use of a variety yourself!

Grip or Barrel

The grip, which is also known as the barrel, is the part of a dart which lies between your fingers while throwing. If you are just starting out, 80% tungsten barrels give you an ideal balance of quality and affordability – they will improve your game without causing too much strain on your wallet compared to some of the pricier options available.

Establishing your necessities should be the first step when deciding on a specific design or material. For instance, novices often benefit from grips with heavy knurling as it increases their ability to grip and launch darts more efficiently, thereby providing better accuracy in throws.


The tip is the very front part of the dart, the one that sticks into the dartboard. It is no surprise that the tip or point of a dart plays an essential role in ensuring accuracy. The sharpness of this area must be precise for it to strike its target accurately; without it, the trajectory would be altered. Consequently, it is equally if not more important than the other parts listed above, and should not be overlooked when selecting your darts!

To ensure a pleasant experience when playing, it is important to remember that plastic tips are essential for electronic dartboards while steel or soft tip darts can be used on bristle boards. Keep this in mind and have fun!

Different Dart Shaft Types

Now that we know all of the different components of a dart, let’s look specifically at the different kinds of dart shafts that are available for you to choose from.


Plastic dart shafts are the most affordable option, and also the lightest. They are a great choice for beginners who don’t have a lot of experience or those who just want to play casually without worrying about accuracy and performance. Even though they are not as durable as other shaft types, they can still last quite long if handled with care.


Nylon dart shafts are relatively new compared to plastic shafts, but are basically of similar quality and cost. They are the cheapest, both in terms of price and durability, shafts on the market today.

However, some people favor nylon shafts because they remain straight and don’t require the use of o-rings for attachment to barrels. Additionally, these darts are mass produced so there’s an abundance of replacements readily available.


Aluminum shafts are more long-lasting and robust than plastic or composite counterparts, and also come in myriad vibrant colors with brilliant designs like stripes, flutes and spirals. Despite this beauty however, they may vibrate erratically when used for heavier darts.

To prevent your darts from breaking or bending, you should securely attach rubber O-rings between the barrels and shafts. If thicker shafts are used, the slots must be opened slightly wider to accommodate them. Despite being hit with force, these rings will simply bend instead of break; it’s easy to straighten them out for continued use!

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber shafts are better performing, thinner, and more resilient than their plastic or nylon counterparts, but they also cost a lot more. The superior quality of L-Style Carbon dart shafts gives them the same endurance as aluminum darts without having to worry about loosening or bending in the barrel – keeping your throws accurate for longer!

Spinning Shafts

To reduce broken flights, “robin-hooded” shafts, and deflections from other darts hitting your own dart in the air there are now spinning shafts available on the market. Though these styles do not necessarily increase flight performance through the air as much as hoped for, they can lead to more precise groupings of darts by aligning their flights when stuck in the dartboard.

Further Considerations

Here are a few extra tips to remember when choosing your dart shafts, at no extra charge.

Shaft Length

The length of a dart is critical. When it comes to front and middle weighted darts, shorter shafts are the way to go since they help keep the center of gravity on the barrel where intended. Longer shafts work best for back or evenly-weighted darts, again keeping the weight in its rightful place.

It all depends on your own personal preferences and how you like to hold the dart. If you favor gripping the dart at the back end of its shaft, then a longer one would be more suitable for your needs. Conversely, if moving your hold to the front is what best suits you, then a shorter version will do just fine!

Shaft Thread

Though oftentimes disregarded, the thread size is arguably the most crucial element to consider when determining which dart shaft set best suits you. The thread references the diameter of the shaft screw that goes into your barrel. Nowadays, this information tends to be overlooked because many darts come with standard 2ba threads already in place; however, it’s essential to understand its significance!

Most barrels come in the same size, ensuring that they will fit. Nevertheless, there is a chance of coming across some uncommon threads like 2ba and 8mm(1/4) or m3 threads for M3 darts. If you use an 8mm thread barrel with M3 darts, it could render your barrel unusable.


When selecting a set of shafts, make sure to pick one that offers options for various colors. Not only will this let you craft an aesthetically pleasing blend that showcases your individual style, it also has several other advantages over packs featuring single hues.

The various colors of darts make it much easier to track and share points with your friends. Moreover, these distinct hues will ensure that you can easily differentiate along with organize your different sets and combinations while understanding which barrels, flights, tips, and shafts you have connected together.

Taking Care of Your Dart Shafts

No matter what type of dart shafts you choose, it’s important to take good care of them. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your darts in the best condition possible and extend their lifespan. After each session, make sure to inspect the threads on the shafts for signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn parts as needed. Additionally, store your darts in a cool, dry place to prevent them from becoming damaged.

Finally, be sure to use the correct size of o-rings when attaching your shafts and barrels. Too large of an o-ring may cause damage to the dart’s threads while too small may make it difficult to attach the parts properly.

How to Replace a Dart Shaft

Don’t know which shaft is right for your darts? Test a few and see what you feel confident with. To switch out the shaft, just follow these easy steps!

Start by taking off the flight from your dart’s tail. Hold both the shaft and barrel securely in each hand, then carefully unscrew the barrel while maintaining a tight grip on the shaft.

Before replacing the shaft, ensure that both threads of the barrel and shaft are compatible. If it’s a perfect match, you should be able to effortlessly screw on the existing barrel to your new shaft for seamless integration!

Top 5 Dart Shafts – Reviews 

You want to play the best darts game you can. But how do you know what kind of shafts will help you win? There are so many different kinds of dart shafts on the market, as shown above, and it’s hard to know which ones will give you a competitive advantage.

To help you buy the best ones, we’ve reviewed what we think are the top 5 dart shafts in 2023 with a list of them below.

#1. MAXMAU 9 Set Aluminium Dart Shafts

The top dart shafts available nowadays are the MAXMAU 9 Set Aluminium Dart Shafts. They come in a group of 27 shafts, or 9 full sets. These are the highest reviewed shafts for multiple reasons. They are constructed from solid aluminum, which makes them very stable and durable – these shafts do not break or damage easily. The aluminum shafts are also very light, so for their strength they do not have the tradeoff of being overly heavy. 

All of these shafts have the standard 2ba screw thread and every single one comes with an anti-skip rubber O-Ring. But, there are also a wide variety of options to choose from in the set. Firstly, there are red, blue, and black shafts. Or, you can delineate them by style – there are 9 smooth aluminum shafts, 9 grooved aluminum shafts, and 9 carved aluminum shafts. 

There are also two lengths of shaft, as some are 45 millimeters long and some are 48 millimeters. These lengths are both on the shorter side, so they are perfect if you throw better with a shorter dart. 

#2. Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft

Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft: Medium (MD), Black, 3 Pack
  • Rotating shaft top allows flights to spin freely when stuck in the board, eliminating deflection, increasing your scores
  • Aluminum body construction ensures that your shafts will stand up to the challenge of tough wear and tear
  • Locking hole allows you to use extra leverage to tighten shafts to your barrel, eliminating the need to retighten after a shot or two

The Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft might be the most technologically advanced shaft on the market today. Viper is a highly trusted name in the dart community, and the Spinster shaft is their most marketable and best selling shaft. The body of these shafts are constructed from aluminum, a lightweight but durable material that will hold up to wear and tear and stay undamaged throughout games. 

The most unique aspect of the Spinster is the rotating shaft top. This innovative design allows the dart flight to spin freely when stuck into the dartboard, virtually eliminating deflections and bounce outs that are caused by hitting another dart. Therefore your score is increased and more accurately reflects your ability level if you can squeeze some throws together in a precise area. 

The shaft locking hole allows you to use more leverage to tighten the barrel and shaft together, which keeps them stable throughout a match and removes the need to retighten during play. Additionally, you can choose between either a short shaft or a medium length one, so you can personalize the dart to fit your unique playing style. 

#3. Cavalier Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts

CavalierDarts 5 Colors(40 Pcs) Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts Dart Stems Throwing Fitting with O'ring...
  • Price for 40 medium dart shafts + 40 O'rings
  • Aluminum Darts Shafts: 53mm, Perfect for both steel tips or soft tips
  • We can promise that our quality is good, but color and brightness may differ a little due to different computer monitors or other factors.Such as forest/army green will be sent instead of bright...

The Cavalier Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts set is one of the largest sets of shafts that you can find online. Available in a count of 20, 30, or 40 pieces, this could potentially be the one set of dart shafts you buy for life, or at least for many, many years. The shafts are made with solid aluminum, so they are very sturdy as well and will easily withstand the constant impact with the dartboard. However, they are also lightweight, so they don’t affect the overall weight of the dart and you can throw them precisely every time.

These shafts have a 2ba groove, and perfectly fit all flights as well as almost all barrel designs. They are 53 millimeters long, which is a standard length, so the darts won’t be unbalanced on either end. Additionally, there is at least one rubber O-Ring per shaft, so you can easily tighten the shaft and the barrel, keeping the whole dart steady through the air. All of these features make these shafts perfect for any type of player, from those just starting out to those with years of experience. 

#4. Gracefulvara 12 Set Aluminum Darts Shaft

Offered in a variety of 6 different colors, the Gracefulvara 12 Set Aluminum Darts Shaft is a great option if you want your darts to fit your playing style and personal look. This set is made from a high quality aluminum alloy mold, so it is strong and damage resistant, but also lightweight enough that it doesn’t make a difference in the weight or balance of the dart. Additionally, the grooves cut along the shaft make it lighter than other similar shafts and provides a steady and consistent throw. For the price point, these are some of the best dart shafts available.

The shafts have a length of 52 millimeters, so they are not too short or too long, so beginners and casual players will have an easier time adjusting to them. They also have a 4.5 millimeter thread diameter, so they can fit with almost any barrel. And with a pack of 12 sold standard, these shafts will last for a long while, even with consistent and high level play. 

#5. Aketek 3 Set Medium Dart Shafts

The Aketek 3 Set Medium Dart Shafts come in a package of 9 shafts, with three each in three different colors, so you can customize your darts however you see fit. These shafts are entirely made of aluminum, which means they are very light and don’t affect the flight of the dart, while simultaneously being tough and resistant to damage by bending or breaking. Little wear and tear picked up throughout the natural course of play does not affect these dart shafts at all, and with 3 whole sets you will be able to use Aketek shafts for many hours of gameplay.

They come with a 2ba grooved thread, which fits almost any barrel you would be using, so you can switch out your old, worn dart shafts for these new ones and not worry about fit or incompatible design. With the hole in the shaft toward the front, you can create stronger leverage to tighten the shaft and barrel more securely, so they won’t come undone during a game. No need to worry about retightening in the middle of play. 

The cross section at the back end of the dart is reinforced with grooves, which makes it a lot easier to insert a dart flight into the shaft. This is helpful, because most flight damage comes from rough handling while connecting the flight and shaft, so with this feature your dart flights will last a lot longer as well. 

Final Impressions: Which is the best Dart Shaft to Buy? 

To conclude, the choice of the best dart shafts for 2023 comes down to the individual and their preferences. Depending on the type of player and how they throw darts, different shafts may be preferable. Steel Tip, Soft Tip and Magnetic Darts all offer a range of choices. Considering factors such as length, material, and thread included are important when choosing a specific set up for a game or tournament. In addition, being aware of how to replace a dart shaft is necessary when needed.

We hope this buyer’s guide was able to help you choose your favorite dart shaft to purchase, but if you are still a little unsure, allow us to make a recommendation. In our opinion, the top dart shafts available are the MAXMAU 9 Set Aluminium Dart Shafts. These aluminum shafts are durable and strong, and lock tight to the dart barrel so you don’t have to worry about them coming unlocked during games. These shafts could help take your darts prowess to a whole new level!