The 10 Best Dartboard Cabinets in 2023: A Buyer’s Guide

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How to Choose a Dartboard Cabinet: A Buyer’s Guide

Darts is a very popular bar game that has acclaimed international recognition. People from all over the world participate in it, and many players have built a successful career in the sport. It’s also not unusual to find a wall in someone’s house dedicated towards a dartboard.

But what about protecting those walls? The dart tips are extremely pointy and can damage your walls if you miss the dartboard. It makes sense to invest in a dartboard cabinet to save your wall from damages and keep your dartboard clean.

In this article, we’ll discuss the need for a dartboard cabinet. We will also take you through our buying guide to help you identify the perfect dartboard cabinet for yourself.

Why Use a Cabinet?

Darts is a fun game to play. It brings life to any party. The competitive spirit leads to good team bonding as well as ice-breaking opportunities amongst individuals. But sometimes that competition can lead to aggression or over-confidence, and in the excitement of the game, throws can be missed. The darts can bounce off of the board, or hit the wall next to the board. 

This can damage both the dartboard and wall, or it could even hurt somebody. In situations like these, it is best to have safety measures in place, and this is where a dartboard cabinet can come in to use. It can save people from getting injured accidentally and will even protect your walls and dart board.

As much as a dartboard looks cool in your games room by itself, the look is enhanced if you complement it with a dartboard cabinet. A stylish cabinet on the wall looks fancy. It is also useful to store away the darts and shut away from the board when not in use.

If you match your cabinet with the room, it can blend well and enhance the environment’s overall look. Moreover, a little extra storage space can always come in handy.


Often when you are aiming, and the pressure of winning is building, sometimes you can miss a throw. The dart could bounce off the board or hit the wall. Darts mostly have pointy steel tips, and a missed throw can lead to scratches and holes.

If you have a cabinet, you protect the wall and the surroundings even when you miss the hits. The cabinet also protects the board against moisture accumulation.


A dartboard cabinet enhances the look of the dartboard. It creates a sophisticated look at home as well as in bars. Most dartboard cabinets are made of wooden frames, and you can find antique looking pieces made from different kinds like mahogany, plywood, etc. 

The cheaper boards are made from plastic, but we would not recommend those because of the look and durability.


A dartboard cabinet comes with a lot of storage space. It has space to keep your darts, markers, and erasers. It also often has a scoreboard in it to help you keep track of your points. Some cabinets have a blank board, whereas some come with electronic scoreboards in them.

Cabinet vs. Cabinet Set – What’s the Difference?

A dartboard cabinet has a protective case for storing your dartboard, but it does not come with the dartboard itself included. It has the scoreboard drawn on its doors inside and also has small storage compartments at the bottom to store the game accessories. You can customize the cabinet based on the size of the dartboard you have.

A dartboard cabinet set comes with the dartboard and the darts and all the features of a dartboard cabinet mentioned above. Usually, the darts in the cabinet set are not of optimum quality. Since the dartboard is included in the set, you do not need to customize the entire cabinet set.

What to Look for in a Dartboard Cabinet

With a wide range of options, it can be challenging to narrow down your search. Factors like material, usability, durability become essential points of consideration.

In this section, we highlight some of the critical aspects you need to consider before purchasing a dartboard cabinet.


A dartboard cabinet’s ultimate purpose is to protect your walls and the nearby space from stray darts. The steel pointed tip can do some serious damage, as well as spoil the aesthetics. Hence, the dartboard’s material should be of impeccable quality to be able to handle the damage.

If you look for cheaper alternatives, the board will crack easily, and you might end up investing in another board in a short time. Instead, look for a board that promises durability.

Some of the common materials used for making a dartboard cabinet are mahogany, cherry wood, hardwood, and plywood. You can also find steel cabinets.

Size and Design

A regular dartboard is 18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in thickness. The size of a dartboard cabinet is usually bigger than the board, in order to accommodate it easily. In the case of a customized dartboard, you will have to customize the size of the cabinet accordingly.

Most of the dartboard cabinets found online come with storage space for keeping the darts and other accessories. Some cabinets even have a scoreboard where you can keep track of the points while playing amongst your peers.


If you are buying a dartboard cabinet, look for the one that has a scoreboard built into it. It really does not make sense to spend money on a cabinet that does not come with additional benefits.

A typical board should present a four-player setup. The material quality should be able to withstand the blows of the missed aims and scratches, and direct hits. 

A blank board gives you an option of customization according to your matches. However, they tend to smudge in no time. A number of cabinets feature useful electronic scoreboards. However, more features lead to pricier cabinets. If you do not mind spending a good amount, you can opt for an electronic scoreboard inclusive cabinet.

Installation and Setup

Dartboard cabinets are typically found in two kinds – 

  • fixed installations
  • hanging cabinets

Fixed installations are safer, because a hanging cabinet will always have the risk of falling off its hinge. However, both kinds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose the one that matches your vibe and have it installed.

Included Extras

Extra features are often included, to provide convenience and make your life easy.

  • Storage: It is usually placed at the bottom of the cabinet. It is the perfect place to store your darts.
  • Darts: Some cabinets come with an extra set of dart arrows.

Get the Correct Cabinet for Your Type of Dartboard

There are most commonly three kinds of dartboards – magnetic, bristle, and electronic. 

Magnetic boards have darts with magnetic tips, so when you throw it at the board, it sticks to it. These are mostly designed for young children or amateur players to have some fun.

Bristle boards are self-healing and are made from sisal fiber. When the dart hits a bristle board, even really hard, the board returns to its original shape within a short time. These boards are commonly seen in professional tournaments and bars. 

Electronic boards are for beginners and casual matches. Most of the board’s body is made from plastic, so the board is light-weight and easy to carry. The darts are plastic-tipped and safe for children to play with.

Depending on the type of dartboard you own, you should look to buy a corresponding cabinet. It doesn’t make sense to invest in an expensive cabinet for a magnetic or electronic dartboard. 

Top 10 Dartboard Cabinets and Cabinet Sets – Reviewed

#1. Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet Set

Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet with Shot King Sisal Dartboard
  • Features. Removable score ring for easy rotation. Wood cabinet features a classic walnut finish.
  • Antiqued brass-finish hinges. Magnetic lock prevents the doors from swinging out. On-door dry-erase scoreboards for traditional games like cricket; hosts up to four players.
  • Slots underneath the board for six upright darts and a dry-erase marker. Includes six starter darts. 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

The Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet Set is the top cabinet set currently on the market. It features a traditional cabinet design that is made completely with durable, solid wood and has a classic walnut finish. It even has antique, brass-finish hinges that complete the look. That’s all to say that this board will look perfect anywhere you hang it, and it will immediately make your games room more classy. 

The doors of the cabinet are kept shut by magnets, meaning they will always stay shut and protect the items within, but it won’t scratch or mark itself when it’s being opened or closed. This will keep the whole cabinet set from looking worn down over time, and if you regularly maintain the dartboard, the cabinet could easily last 5 or more years. It is well made with high-quality materials that won’t degrade over time.

The dartboard it comes with is the Viper Shot King, one of the best dartboards available for purchase today. It is a top of the line bristle dartboard, with self healing sisal fibers, a spider wire made of galvanized steel, and a staple free bullseye. This board helps your darts land more accurately and has fewer bounce outs, and with the rotatable number ring, you can rotate the board frequently to keep it from wearing out. 

The Stadium Cabinet Set comes with two scoreboards, one on each door, that you can use with a dry-erase marker, and slots below the dartboard to hold up to 6 darts upright. This keeps the flights from folding, meaning they will always fly straight and true. But maybe its best feature is its top light, called the ShadowBuster Light, which always keeps the whole dartboard perfectly lit so you can play in all conditions and see exactly what you’re aiming at.

#2. Trademark Gamesroom Cabinet and Dartboard 

TG Dartboard Cabinet Set with Realistic Walnut Finish, brown, (15-DG910)
2,559 Reviews
TG Dartboard Cabinet Set with Realistic Walnut Finish, brown, (15-DG910)
  • All-In-One Dartgame – Set Includes Self-Healing Dartboard, Mdf Cabinet, Steel Tip Darts, Scoreboard, Chalk, Eraser And Mounting Hardware
  • Self-Healing Paper Wound Fiber – Features High Quality Self-Healing Dartboard With Standard 18" Diameter That Provides Exceptional Playability And Durability
  • Realistic Walnut Finish Cabinet – Incorporating Durable Mdf Construction, Door Mounted Chalkboard Cricket Scoreboard, Magnetic Door Closure, Metal Hinges And Wall Mounting Hardware. Closed...

The second cabinet set we have on our list is the Trademark Gamesroom Dartboard and Cabinet. In appearance, it has all of the state of the art features that help it look great in any games room. The cabinet has a realistic walnut finish, which makes it look more rustic and wooden, rather than polished and factory-made. It also has durable metal hinges and magnetic door closure apparatus, so it will stay in good condition and protect the dartboard within it for a very long time. 

It comes with a tournament ready bristle dartboard, which boasts self healing sisal fibers to keep the board fresh and prevent it from wearing out too quickly. It also has a thin spider wire, reducing the number of bounce outs and increasing the accuracy of your shots and therefore raising your score. 

This cabinet set comes with a mounting system with which you can tighten the cabinet and dartboard to the wall. This prevents spinning or any unwanted dartboard movement, and allows you to remove the darts from the board very easily. 

In addition to the cabinet and dartboard, with the Trademark Gamesroom Set you also get 6 steel tip darts, a chalk cricket scoreboard that you can mount to the door. Plus, it comes chalk to keep score, and an eraser to erase the scoreboard, meaning you can start playing (and winning) right away!

#3. Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Cabinet Set

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set,Black
  • Electronic dartboard cabinet with 13.5" target area
  • 34 Games with 183 variations (4 cricket games)
  • Wooden cabinet doors with walnut finish for stylish storage

The best cabinet set with an electronic dartboard is the Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Cabinet Set. The doors of the cabinet have a wooden exterior with a walnut finish, so it looks like a classy, traditional dartboard and cabinet when closed, unlike most electronic cabinets. 

The inside of the cabinet doors both come with spaces to store your soft tip darts, a full set on each side. On one of the doors is a large, backlit cricket darts X/O display, so you can see your score and others from where you stand, rather than having to walk up to the board every time to change or view your score. It also comes with a traditional scoreboard in bright LED lights right below the dartboard, so it can keep score automatically for you for any darts game you want to play. 

As an electronic dartboard, it comes with a lot of technological features. It has 34 unique darts games you can play, including 4 different cricket games, and up 183 different variations and modes for playing. You can play by yourself, or with up to 8 friends, and the voice heckling feature creates a fun and competitive atmosphere whenever you play, mocking bad throws and applauding good ones. 

#4. Viper Hideaway Cabinet with Reversible Dartboard

Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle, Reversible Standard and Baseball...
  • Defend your wall with classic style. Protect your home from errant Dart throws, and will look good doing it
  • Cabinet finished with an attractive matte black finish to match any decor
  • Extra thin profile allows you to enjoy the game of darts without obstructing your room or walls

The most unique selling point of the Viper Hideaway Cabinet with Reversible Dartboard is the reversible dartboard that ships standard with every set. This dartboard has the traditional dart face on the front of the board, and a face for baseball darts on the back of it. So, you can play multiple games really easily if you get bored with one or want to challenge yourself to try something new. 

As a caveat, the dartboard that comes with this cabinet set is made of coiled paper, and a traditional bristle dartboard wouldn’t fit within the cabinet, so you could only use coiled paper dartboards on it. However, these are still great boards, and often come at a fraction of the cost of a bristle dartboard, but just something to be aware. 

The thin profile, although restricting for bristle dartboards, looks great on your wall. It is very subtle in any room, and the matte black, lacquered wood finish and antique brass hinges gives the cabinet a stylish look that will surely impress any friends and family members. 

Additionally, the doors of the cabinet are made with chalk scoreboards for both 01 darts and cricket darts printed directly on them, one on each side. With this feature, and the fact that it comes with 2 sets of steel top darts, you will be ready to play any darts game you want almost immediately. 

#5. DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard and Cabinet

DMI Sports Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Sets - Includes LED Lighting or Electronic Scoring Option
162 Reviews
DMI Sports Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Sets - Includes LED Lighting or Electronic Scoring Option
  • Light cherry finish with finger joint frame construction - holds 2 sets of darts
  • Includes official 18" x 1½" bristle dartboard
  • Traditional scoring on the inside of one door and electronic scorer on the other

The DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard and Cabinet is a great cabinet set that has everything you need to start playing darts, whether it be the 301 or 501 games or cricket darts. It comes with a classic cherry finish to the wood, meaning it will look great on any wall and in any room in your house. This, along with the finger joint construction also protects your wall from any stray throws you might have. 

The set comes with 6 steel tip darts, as well as places on the lower shelf to store all of them so you don’t have to worry about the flights being folded or damaged. It also ships with a tournament size bristle dartboard included, with self healing sisal fibers. Both the cabinet and dartboard are made of durable materials, and could last a long time if taken care of properly. The dartboard also has a thin spider wire that lowers the risk of bounce outs and protects your walls and floors from bouncing darts.

One of the most unique selling points for this cabinet is that it has two ways of keeping score. On the left door, there is the traditional chalkboard scorer for both cricket and 01 darts. On the right door is an electronic scorer for both games as well. This combination allows you to keep score any way you choose, or you could even keep score for two different games played at once. 

#6. Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Set with Cabinet

Centerpoint Bristle Dartboard and Solid Wood Cabinet - Dark Cherry Finish
  • SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION – This handsome cabinet is expertly crafted from solid poplar hardwood. A rich, dark cherry finish completes the look, providing a perfect complement to your game room, rec...
  • DESIGNED TO LAST – Featuring a regulation, 18-in sisal fiber board that heals quickly and minimizes bounce-outs, this set will provide your family and friends with hours of fun. Rounded target frame...
  • REGULATION ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – Includes two sets of steel tipped darts with durable nylon dart flights (2 sets of 3). Keep track of the fun with two dry erase scoreboards that are mounted on the...

The Hathaway Centerpoint Dartboard Set with Cabinet is a good looking and well made cabinet set. It is made with poplar hardwood, which makes it durable and it will last a very long time if looked after properly. It also boasts a dark, rich cherry finish that fits perfectly in any house and room. 

It has a green velour fabric backdrop to the dartboard, which both looks stylish and protects the walls from any errant throws. Stainless steel hinges help the cabinet close and open properly time after time, without worry of wear and tear.

The cabinet set comes with 2 full sets of steel tip darts, as well as two dry erase scoreboards, one on either door. This means you are immediately ready to play when the cabinet arrives. The darts have durable nylon flights, which keeps them unchanged and undamaged even after many uses. 

The dartboard itself is a tournament ready bristle dartboard. It has self healing sisal fibers, which helps it stand up to many hours of gameplay, and a rounded target frame ring minimizes bounce outs and keeps your darts exactly where you threw them. Overall, this dartboard and cabinet set could last years with proper maintenance, and will always look good wherever you mount it. 

#7. Imperial Dartboard Cabinet Set

The Imperial Dartboard Cabinet Set is the ideal gift for any sports lover. You can get these cabinets highlighted with your favorite sports team on the doors, so that you can show your support at all times. Officially licensed by multiple major sporting leagues, such as the NFL, NHL, and NCAA, you have hundreds of team options to choose from. The cabinet itself is made from solid pine wood, which gives it a traditional appearance as well as durability. It will hold up over many games of darts!

Even the dartboard itself shows your team allegiance, as the outer metal number ring has the team’s name on it at the top of the board, and the league name at the bottom of the board. Additionally, the set comes with 6 steel tip darts, and the flights on the darts also are branded with the logo of your favorite sports league. 

It comes with two chalkboard scorers, so you can keep track of multiple games played at the same time, as well as chalk to keep score with and an eraser. It has everything you would need to start playing darts right away. The dartboard itself is a bristle dartboard, tournament size and made with high quality sisal fibers. 

#8. Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet

Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet with Integrated Pro Score ,Mahogony Finish
  • Defend your wall with classic style. Protect your home from errant dart throws, and will serve as a centerpiece to your game room
  • Wood construction with patina bronze hinges and finished with a classic walnut finish to complement the decor of your game room
  • Add the most convenient innovation of electronic dartboards to your sisal dartboard experience, without giving up the classic tradition

The Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet is the first product on this list that is cabinet only. This is a great cabinet to get if you already have a bristle dartboard, for instance the Viper Shot King or the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core, and want to give the wall around it some extra protection as well as a great place to store all of your dart related items. A dartboard mounting bracket comes preinstalled, meaning all you have to do is slot the dartboard into the bracket and you’re good to go. 

The cabinet boasts a sleek, traditional wood construction with patina bronze hinges and a classic, dark walnut finish to provide a perfect complement to any room in your house. The solid wood cabinet and bronze hinges are also very durable and will keep your dartboard lasting for a long time. 

It comes with two scoring options. You can keep score manually on a dry erase scoreboard that has both cricket and 01 darts scoring on it; this comes with its own dry erase marker and eraser as well. On the other door, you have a state of the art electronic scoreboard that can keep score for up to 40 different types of darts games! With the electronic scoreboard, you can play either solo or with up to 8 players. 

#9. American Legend Deluxe Solid Wood Cabinet

American Legend Charleston Solid Wood Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set - Includes 18” dartboard and 6...
  • PREMIUM GRADE, STYLISH DESIGN - The Premium solid wood cabinet with decorative trim
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - This set includes official size 18” x 1. 5 bristle sisal dartboard with self-healing properties 2 chalk scoreboards with chalk included to keep track of the action
  • BUILT IN DART HOLDERS - The built-in dart holders on each door store your darts when not in use.

The American Legend Deluxe Solid Wood Cabinet is the best looking dartboard cabinet set on this list. The premium solid wood design is crafted to perfection, and whether open or closed, the cabinet always looks great. It has a decorative trim around the edges, and the door latch and hinges have antique brass finishes, little aesthetic flourishes that really add to the visual appeal.

The accessories the set comes with are also all very high quality. It features an 18 inch, tournament size bristle dartboard that has self healing sisal fibers, meaning it closes itself after the darts are removed from the board face and keeps itself well for a long while. The dartboard also has a thin spider, to reduce bounce outs, and a removable and rotatable number ring, so the high traffic areas of the dartboard rotate as well, prolonging the life of the board. 

On both doors is a chalk scoreboard, so you can keep track of multiple games played at the same time. The set also comes with 2 sets of steel tip darts, so you’re ready to play right when you get the cabinet. The wooden frame of the cabinet also can hold all 6 darts in its built-in dart holders, so you can put them back immediately after you finish playing and you’ll never lose a dart again. 

#10. Viper Metropolitan Cabinet 

Viper by GLD Products Metropolitan Solid Wood Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Cabinet: Cabinet Only...
  • Viper Metropolitan dartboard cabinet features a black felt lining and is available in 4 wood finishes (cinnamon, espresso, mahogany and oak)
  • Crafted with solid pine, box joints and bronze hinges; Quality construction provides lasting durability and complements the look of any room
  • Fitted with 2 compact door stoppers which help protect the dartboard and cabinet from a door slamming shut

The Viper Metropolitan Cabinet is the only cabinet on this list that comes by itself and can be used with an electronic dartboard. The cabinet itself is made to look sleek and modern. It has a stylish minimalist design, and comes with a black felt lined interior so you can hang up your dartboard in style. 

The cabinet is made with solid pine and bronze hinges, and is made to be durable, and it is offered with four different stain finishes – cinnamon, espresso, mahogany, and oak – so you can choose which look best complements your games room. The cabinet doors also have a compact door stopper on each, which eliminates any slamming of the doors and extends the lifetime of the cabinet. All you need to do is give the self closing doors a gentle push and they close all on their own. 

The Viper Metropolitan Cabinet ships with the cabinet only, so don’t expect it to come with a dartboard! However, it does come with integrated storage at the bottom of the middle section, and 2 sets of soft tip darts. It is compatible with almost all electronic dartboard models, and it includes mounting and installation hardware both for the cabinet as well as the dartboard.


What comes as part of a Dartboard Cabinet Set? 

There are four common products that are sold with a dartboard cabinet set. The first is the dartboard, which is often either bristle or electronic. Then there’s the cabinet, which is usually made of wood or fiberboard. The cabinet typically then has a scoreboard (or two) that come attached to the inside of the doors, and finally a set of darts – either steel tip for bristle boards or soft tip for electronic dartboards – come with the set. However, some cabinet sets are missing one or more of these items, so always check what it comes with before you buy it!

Can You Take the Dartboard out of a Cabinet?

Yes, most cabinets allow you to take the dartboard out of it and replace it with another similar dartboard. However, some cabinets only work with a specific type of board. For example, the Viper Hideaway Cabinet Set only works with coiled paper dartboards, so if you do remove one you have to replace it with a similar kind. Electronic dartboard cabinets are often sold as one item, and therefore you can’t replace the dartboard within it because it is wired into the cabinet. In those cases, to replace the dartboard means to also replace the whole cabinet.

Can You Buy a Cabinet for an Electronic Dartboard?

Yes, you can buy a solo cabinet for an electronic dartboard. For example, the Viper Metropolitan Cabinet is compatible with an electronic dartboard. These are not as common as cabinets just made for bristle dartboards, however, so be sure to double check when purchasing! 

Final Thoughts: Which One is Best for You? 

That brings us to the end of our buying guide for the 10 best rated cabinets and dartboard cabinet sets. If you are still on the fence about which one would be best for your specific situation, allow us to make some recommendations. 

In terms of best overall cabinet set and best bristle dartboard set, the Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet Set really cannot be beat. It has everything you want from a cabinet and dartboard set, and the Shot King dartboard it comes with is great quality and very popular, which means when it comes time to replace the board it will be very straightforward. 

However, if you’re looking for an electronic dartboard cabinet set, then what you should look into purchasing is the Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Cabinet Set.

Lastly, if you already have a dartboard and are looking for a cabinet to complement it, then the Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet is the best option we can recommend. 

Viper Stadium Dartboard Cabinet with Shot King Sisal Dartboard
  • Features. Removable score ring for easy rotation. Wood cabinet features a classic walnut finish.
  • Antiqued brass-finish hinges. Magnetic lock prevents the doors from swinging out. On-door dry-erase scoreboards for traditional games like cricket; hosts up to four players.
  • Slots underneath the board for six upright darts and a dry-erase marker. Includes six starter darts. 90-day manufacturer's warranty.