The 10 Best Soft Tip Darts in 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we cover all of the aspects behind choosing a soft tip dart, from the buyer’s guide to the detailed reviews. Soft tip darts are the primary type of darts used for electronic dartboards, although they can be used for some bristle dartboards as well. 

It might feel like the updated, newest darts with the best designs are what you want, but that may not always be the case. It all depends on the type of dart you are looking for, and the features it comes with.

The choice of darts differs according to individual needs and situationally preferences. There are different kinds of materials used to make darts, for starters, like nickel, brass, tungsten, etc. 

Let’s now go through the detailed buying guide of how to choose the best soft tip darts for you. We have provided information on every factor like the shaft, flights, grooves, replacement parts, the weight of the dart, etc., so that you have a clear idea of what to consider before buying a dart set.

How to Choose Soft Tip Darts? A Buyer’s Guide

Here we’ll take a look at the things to consider when buying soft tip darts for your dartboard setup, including things like material, weight, and grip design.

What are Soft Tip Darts?

Soft tip darts are darts that come with flexible plastic tips. As the name suggests, these tips are softer than steel tip darts, and are less heavy and safer as well. 

They are usually thrown at plastic boards that come with molded holes that hold the point of the dart. These darts are generally used with electronic dartboards that score your throws automatically. 


The main purpose behind getting a soft tip dart is that they are a much safer option than the steel tip ones. The chances to get hurt from it are almost zero unless it hits you directly in the eye. 

A soft tip dart set would be a step up from the basic magnetic ones as a gift for children or beginner players. They are also handy if you want to get an electronic dartboard.

For serious players, factors like a tungsten barrel, a good grip, spinning shafts, etc., are all required features. However, all these factors might be overkill for casual players.

Barrel Material

The material the barrel is made out of is often the primary determining factor when buying a dart. Barrels can be made from brass, tungsten, and silver.


Brass is a more common and cheaper material than tungsten. The main downside of using brass as the barrel material is that they are not particularly robust. They also produce a thicker barrel and thus make it harder to throw the dart in tight groupings.


Tungsten is no doubt the best barrel material for a dart. It is incredibly dense, which means that the dart might be thin to look at but is quite heavy, which helps improve accuracy. 

You might wonder why you need to know or care about the barrel material. The barrel material is predominantly what determines the durability or longevity of the dart set. For this reason, the most recommended barrel material is tungsten, followed by silver, and then brass. 

Also, you should note the percentage of tungsten in the barrel. The more percentage of tungsten makes a thinner and more durable barrel. The top of the line, most expensive darts usually have 95-98% tungsten barrels.


Weight is an essential factor to consider. Those who play darts competitively would be interested to know the exact weight of the dart. For soft tip darts, the maximum weight is 20 grams. The weight of the dart affects its throw and arc. 

The choice of a heavier or lighter dart is dependent on the preference of the player. Generally, heavier darts are more accurate, but you also need more control to throw them correctly. Very light darts are mainly for amateurs.

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is also a factor to consider for serious players. The weight is distributed in darts as throughout the front, middle, and rear. The weight distribution in a dart decides on which part the player should hold the dart while throwing. 

For amateurs, darts that are front heavy are recommended. For these, you would need to hold it toward the front, whereas for middle-weighted darts you can hold it anywhere. However, some players prefer the rear-weighted ones, so it all depends on personal preference. 

Replacement Parts

This feature is mainly for less serious players or kids, as higher-end dart sets generally do not offer replacement parts. The basic ones instead come with a lot of replacement options. Some of the mid-range dart sets have replacement flights and barrels. 

Grooves (Dart Grip)

There are primarily three types of dart grips or grooves, knurled, smooth, and ringed.


Knurled grip is the most common grip, and is well suited for both amateurs and professionals. Knurling is a process through which a pattern of shallow lines are cut into the barrel, making it feel coarse like sandpaper.

The coarse design makes it easy to grip and feel the dart properly. No matter which portion of the dart you are holding, be it front, middle, or rear, you would always have a firm and consistent grip. 


If you are someone who always gets sweaty hands, darts with smooth barrels are likely the right option for you as they release easily from your hands. 


Ringed grip barrels are as good as knurled ones. The most preferable would be the eight rings, because your grip generally improves with more rings. Having a visual idea of where to hold the dart will only serve to increase your consistency.

Dart grip is a factor considered by many serious players. The grooves or dart grips are nothing but patterns on the barrel of the dart. To amateurs, this might be just a design, but this design serves a purpose to more seasoned players. 

The grooves on the dart barrel determine how well you will be able to grip on the dart. It is better for people with soft hands to shoot using smooth dart grips, for example precision grip or micro grip. Likewise, players with rough hands should go for the rough ones like knurled grip or shark fin. 


Every dart comes with a shaft that is also customizable; that is, you can swap it out if you don’t like it. Shafts are made of different materials, including plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber. 

The ones that are made of plastic break easily but are also inexpensive. Aluminum darts are comparatively more durable, and are average in cost. The best choice of shafts would be ones made of carbon fiber. They are durable, lightweight, and easy to attach and lock in place. 

The dart shafts are made of different materials, and the main categories are:

  • Composite Beams

These have plastic bases mixed with metal alloy or aluminum tops. They are super durable and remain sturdy even if the barrel vibrates during flight or when landing. 

  • Nylon Or Plastic Shafts

These shafts are lightweight and are available in various patterns and colors. The downside is these shafts are known to break more easily than others. 

  • Spinning Shafts

Spinning shafts are perfect for accommodating a tighter group of darts. They allow the flight to spin on the back of them, so it can spin out of the way of a second dart. 

  • Carbon Fiber Shafts

These shafts are higher in price than the nylon or plastic shafts but are also more durable, long-lasting, and lightweight.

  • Aluminum Shafts 

These are the most durable and sturdy shafts, no other shaft can beat the durability of an aluminum shaft. The only setback of this shaft is that it may become very loose from vibration when the darts is in flight or when it hits the dartboard.


Flights, which are the back end parts of the darts, are mainly of two types:

  •         Slim
  •         Thick

The flights provide stability to the dart and allow it to travel more precisely through the air. They are available in various designs, though they are generally made from plastic.

Some flights are a bit more enhanced to allow better flight and stability. Flights in a dart can be customized or replaced to fit your needs, so it’s less important to get a dart set with the exact right flights.

Slim flights are suited for lighter darts, whereas the heavier and thicker flights are better with heavy dart. The slimmer a flight, the lesser the resistance in the air, but a thicker and heavier flight might improve accuracy. Lighter darts supposedly bounce out less, but the throw can be affected if it’s too light. 


A dart’s design constitutes all factors like flight, shaft, groove, barrel, tip, etc. Some darts are very pretty to look at, while some leave a lot to be desired. However, many of the dart parts can be replaced. The right combination of barrel, design, and flight can make all the difference. For those who are fond of good looks in their darts game, this can be a deciding factor.


Your budget is always a significant factor in anything, and darts are no exception. You might find the dart of your choice to be very pricey. If budget is a factor, it would be better to go for a lesser quality dart that can be affordable, but still has great reviews. If you are only concerned about a good quality dart, you should go with the one that matches all your criteria.


Choosing a good brand is another essential factor to consider. Not only do the well-known brands have better and good reviews, but they also bring prestige. It is always better to shop from a well-known brand than from those rarely known by the public. 

Some of the most popular brands for soft tip darts are Harrows, Bottelsen, Viper, and Arachnid. All these are tested and reputable brands, both for dart sets as well as dartboards. 


When you are in a situation where you have two darts of the same quality, but one offers a greater warranty period than the other, it is always recommended to go for the former. It is always preferable to be safe than sorry.

If your dart somehow comes with any defects, the manufacturer will take care of it if it is not your fault. Warranties on a dart can range from ninety days to a year and sometimes even a lifetime. 

Tips for Playing With A Soft Tip Dart

  • The very first thing is the proper positioning. It is recommended to lean forward a little bit on your toes, while keeping your balance intact. 
  • Be sure to hold the dart with proper stability, but don’t be too nervous as it will affect your throw. Sometimes you can also try holding it with three fingers instead of two for more control and a better grip. 
  • Only throw the dart after you have your correct posture and a comfortable grip.
  • The arm should be at a 90-degree angle and the dart should be raised to your eye level. 
  • Your hand and wrist should be the only parts of your arm involved in the throwing motion. Keep your elbow locked and do not move your whole arm. 
  • Practice makes perfect for any sport or game, and darts is no exception. 

Best Rated Soft Tip Darts Reviews

#1. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 20G SOFTIP
  • 97% Tungsten Barrels
  • Match Weighed to +/- 0.05 Grams
  • Black Titanium Nitride and Vivid Red Metallic Coating

The second iteration of one of the most popular darts on the market, the Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts is the best set of soft tip darts being sold currently. These darts are made from the latest technology and highest quality materials. At 97% tungsten, the Wolfram Infinity has the highest amount of tungsten per dart of any soft tip dart out there. 

Because tungsten has the best density of any metal used to make darts, this allows these darts to be smaller without sacrificing weight. And smaller is better, because you can fit more into a smaller landing area, like trebles and bullseyes. The darts are all perfectly balanced, with the weight in the center, and every dart in the set is match weighed to +/- .05 grams. Therefore, each dart will weigh and feel the exact same, keeping your throws much more precise and your technique the same for every throw and game.

These darts are made with state of the art injection moulded tungsten to support the super thin barrel design, and they are turned on a Japanese CNC machine to create the same perfect and precise grip on every single dart. These darts then include black/red Midi SuperGrip Fusion shafts and the new Harrow Prime flights, so the whole package is top of the line in every aspect.

#2. Viper Astro Soft Tip Darts

Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, Black Rings, 18 Grams
  • 80% Tungsten Barrels have a slim profile, allowing for tighter grouping of shots which increase scoring
  • Knurled barrel with diamond-cut etchings and rings provides an excellent and consistent grip throw after throw
  • Diamond-cut Aluminum Shafts feature locking holes, the most secure way to fasten shafts to barrels and improve stability

The Viper Astro Soft Tip Darts are the highest rated darts sold by Viper, which is a giant in the darting world both for dartboards and throwing darts. The barrels are an alloy made of 80% tungsten and 20% nickel, which allows the barrel to be made with a very slim profile. You can fit more darts into a smaller surface area this way, so the Viper Astro allows you to be as precise as you can be without limiting your skillset. 

This soft tip darts set comes with more than just the darts as well. It includes a deluxe TacTech case, which has a tough outer shell for the best dart protection you can find, as well as a form fitting interior so your darts will not be changed at all from travel or storage. The set also comes with 6 flights, 12 2ba Tufflex tips that last longer and are more durable than other leading brands, and a dart mechanic repair tool to help you maintain your darts, extending their lifespan.

The knurled barrels are etched with diamonds to create a perfect grip on each and every dart, so your grip will stay the same throw after throw. The durable aluminum shafts also feature locking holes so that they securely attach and connect with the barrel, meaning you won’t have to retighten these darts after every game.

#3. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart Set

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, Silver Rings, 16 Grams
  • Designed with high quality, 90% tungsten and 10% nickel barrels which offer exceptional balance and styling in a slim profile
  • Each barrel has strategically placed knurled bands, deep grooves and rings that make excellent gripping points and encourages consistent hand placement
  • Diamond-cut aluminum shafts feature locking holes which allow for a tighter fitting that improves stability and greatly reduces the need to retighten during play

The Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart Set is another out of the park hit by Viper. With a barrel that is 90% tungsten and 10% nickel, these darts are up there with the slimmest profiles of any soft tip darts on the market. This means tighter grouping on shots, more accurate scoring and a dart that better reflects your own ability level. 

The Diamond dart is named as it is because it comes with three different styles of grip, all three of which are diamond knurled. There is heavy knurling, medium knurling, or a knurl and ring combination, so you can order whatever style of darts are specifically suited for you and your playing style. The aluminum shafts are also diamond cut, and they have superior locking ability that will increase the stability and precision of each dart. 

This soft tip dart set also includes the Deluxe Dart Pal case, which boasts a hard out shell and a soft, cloth inner lining. You can be assured that your darts are safe within this case, and the lining keeps the flights from being pressed and changing shape. The set also includes additional convex nylon shafts, precision flights, and 2ba Tufflex soft dart tips, making this set all you need to start throwing like the professionals.

#4. IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set

IgnatGames Darts Plastic Tip Sets - Soft Tip Darts for Electronic Dartboard - Plastic Tip Darts Set...
  • Carry Your Soft Darts Tips in Style: This giftable soft tip darts set comes in an innovative case with practical magnetic closure and custom EVA interior that keeps your darts with a plastic tip safe...
  • Improve Your Accuracy and Targeting: The professional soft darts set with medium weight and strategically-knurled brass barrels for optimum grip will help you sharpen your skills. Fitted with rubber...
  • Exercise Control Over Flight Trajectory: With an elegant and original design, these sturdy plastic darts for electronic dart board offer optimum lift and stability. Perfect for everyday use by all...

The IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set is a great set that includes everything you could ever need to get started playing darts, or even if you are already a casual darts player and are looking for a set to take your game to the next level. For one thing, it’s about half the price of other dart sets on this list, and it includes a ton of components: 6 dart barrels and 6 shafts, 12 tips and 8 flights. With this one set you can start playing with multiple people together.

The carrying case has an innovative magnetic closure clasp, and comes with a custom made EVA foam insert to protect the darts when they’re being stored or transported. The 18g darts are made with premium brass barrels that are strategically knurled to create an optimum grip on every dart. This means you won’t have to relearn a gripping technique every throw, and you can train yourself more easily to grip and aim the darts the same way each and every time, gaining precision and accuracy. 

The set includes a free ebook titled “35 Ways to Play Darts”, so you can hone your skills while learning new dart games every time you play, or simply stick to the basics and keep practicing your cricket and 01 dart abilities. IgnatGames also has a 10 year warranty on these darts, so if you are unsatisfied or need a replacement, they are confident in their product and will help you out without a catch. 

#5. Bottelsen Skinny 1/4-Inch Barrel Dart

Bottelsen Skinny's 90% Tungsten Soft Tip 1/4-Inch Barrel Dart, 16 Gram
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 16.256 L X 8.636 W X 2.54 H (Cm)
  • Country Of Origin: China

The Bottelsen Skinny 1/4-Inch Barrel Dart is an incredible set of 3 darts that anyone from very beginner to complete expert would love to have. The barrel is one of the thinnest models on the market because it is made from a 90% tungsten alloy that cuts down on width without sacrificing durability or weight. These darts provide better grouping and more precise scorekeeping because they won’t bump each other or cause bounce outs. The soft tip darts come in either 16, 18, or 20 gram models. 

The Bottelsen darts come with three different grip designs, so you can choose which style is best suited to your play. There are smooth barrels, which come without knurling or course grips, and then there are also the knurled grip and the unique, custom Shark Skins sandpaper grip that really must be tried. 

Also included are anodized aluminum shafts that hold up to many hours of gameplay, raising the durability level of the darts and keeping them from wearing down. These shafts come with locking holes so you don’t have to retighten your darts during play, and they stay completely stable in flight. Additionally there are 2ba plastic tips at the tip of the dart, which are made from quality plastic and won’t break or bend when they land. 

#6. Red Dragon Amberjack Soft Tip 18g Darts 

RED DRAGON Amberjack 2 Soft Tip: 18g - Tungsten Soft Tip Darts Set with Flights and Stems
  • Set of 3 x 18g - 90% premium quality Red Dragon tungsten darts
  • Red Dragon stems - designs may vary
  • Red Dragon flights - designs may vary

The Red Dragon Amberjack Soft Tip 18g Darts Set is likely the best bang for your buck you can find anywhere when it comes to professional quality soft tip darts. The barrels are 90% tungsten, which is a top of the line alloy that provides a great width to weight ratio. These darts are incredibly skinny but also highly dense and weigh 18 grams for better stability in flight and a truer path to the board. This quality is up there with darts twice as expensive as these.

Featuring the signature black and orange stylings, Amberjack soft tip darts are center weighted, so they balance perfectly in your hand as you aim them. They also come with a knurled grip along the length of the barrel, helping you grip the darts the exact same way each time. Additionally, the Nitro Tech shafts and superior, extra thick flights provide accuracy as well as durability, so these darts will last you a long time. 

The one drawback to these darts is that the set doesn’t come with any additional materials or included extras, so if anything does happen to the darts you’ll have to buy more flights or shafts in order to replace them. However, for the price, the quality of the darts you get is nearly unbeatable.

#7. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts, Black, 16 Grams
  • Designed with high quality, nickel silver plated barrels which offer exceptional balance and styling in a slim profile
  • Each barrel has strategically placed grooves underneath a rubberized barrel sleeve that make excellent gripping points and encourages consistent hand placement
  • Diamond-cut aluminum shafts feature locking holes which allow for a tighter fitting that improves stability and greatly reduces the need to retighten during play

The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts are a perfect candidate for a beginner dart set that will help you learn how to grip the darts and perfect your grip, aim, and stance techniques. The high-end nickel plating on the barrel may not be as dense or as durable as tungsten, but it still has a very slim profile while offering incredible balance in your hand. The darts are specifically designed with an aerodynamic profile to allow the air to move around it and help the dart fly more true to where you aim.

The Sure Grip aspect of the dart is its best component. It has a rubberized barrel sleeve that covers the length of the barrel, and below that are strategically placed grooves to ensure a consistent and perfect grip every time. With a more consistent and strategic grip, the darts fly straighter and more precisely, and your score will improve dramatically. 

The barrels then attach to an elite, diamond cut aluminum dart shaft. These shafts attach to the barrels through locking holes, creating a more stable dart that does not wobble during its flight, and will not need to be tightened throughout the game. The darts also come with 2ba Tufflex Tip soft dart tips that feature a reinforced cone, standing up to more throws and longer games without breaking down.  

#8. WIN.MAX Plastic Tip Darts Set

WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip - Soft Tip Darts Set - 12 Pcs 18 Gram with 100 Extra Dart Tips 12 Flights...
5,162 Reviews
WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip - Soft Tip Darts Set - 12 Pcs 18 Gram with 100 Extra Dart Tips 12 Flights...
  • 🔥Precise and Practical Barrels: Large knurl at the front and deep-cut rings in the rear provide a firm grip and minimize the sticking effect to the fingers in the release of darts, which is...
  • 🔥Measured in 0.3mm, the flights included are almost the thickest available in the market and thus can last for a much longer time. Slim Alu shafts provide the dart of exceptional balance. This...
  • 🔥Robust Tips for Electronic Dartboard: These durable plastic tips are of superior material with a smoothly transformed shape. They are great for any kind of electronic dartboard. The matt surface...

While the WIN.MAX Plastic Tip Darts Set may have a price tag that makes it look like one of the cheaper, lower-end options, these soft tip darts are anything but. Plus, the bundle the darts come in is everything you need for your whole family to start playing darts and having a great time. Not only are there 12 soft tip darts, but it includes 100 extra dart tips, 12 dart flights and flight protectors to keep the flights from getting damaged by other darts hitting them on the dartboard. 

The barrels of the darts are made of Nickel Silver, which is an inexpensive material but still tarnish and wear resistant, and the darts are very thin so they can fit together in a smaller area. The barrels have knurled grooves at the front and deep cut grooves at the rear. This provides a comfortable and stable grip to better hold the darts, and it minimizes the sticking effect when you release the darts, so your throwing release doesn’t affect the dart’s trajectory or accuracy. 

The dart flights are 0.3 millimeters, making them almost the thickest available currently on the market and helping them to last for a much longer time than comparable dart flights. The soft tips are strong and have a matte surface to help them stick into the electronic dartboard better. Additionally, the shafts are aluminum and thin, and every shaft has an anti-loosening O Ring placed around the traditional 2ba thread. 

#9. CyeeLife 15 Pack Soft Tip Darts

CyeeLife Soft tip Darts Set 18g,100 Extra Tips+Tool+12 Aluminum shafts with Rubber Rings+16 Flights...
  • 💎| Darts for beginners |: Plastic tip darts set for Beginners, 💎18 grams=Soft Tip + Barrel + Aluminum Shaft+ Flight. 100 Plastic Points+Dart Tool+12 Barrels+16 Flights(4 Designs*4pcs)+12...
  • 💎| Improve your game and enjoy it |: This Set will make your projections more accurate. Good balance and much easier to get where you want. It will greatly improve your game. The surface have good...
  • 💎| After-sales service | Lifelong after-sale service=🔥Just one EMAIL,We will solve your probems.And provide you the technical support.

If you’re looking for a set that includes a lot of darts but doesn’t sacrifice quality, then the CyeeLife 15 Pack Soft Tip Darts is the set to go for. This bundle comes with 15 darts, the most darts you can get in one pack on this list. However, the high amount of items and the lower price point does not mean that these darts are cheap. On the contrary, they’re really well made and make for a great set of darts for beginner or intermediate players. In addition to the 15 darts, which are enough for five players to play all at once, there are 15 shafts, 20 flights, and 100 dart tips, so this set can last you a very long time.

The barrels are coated with a Nickel Silver PVD coating, with both knurled and deep grooves for increased friction when gripping the darts. This will help you better guide the darts where you want them to go. The dart points are durable and not easy to break, and if they do happen to wear down you have almost 100 tips left so you can get right back to playing. The set comes with a dart tool that allows you to repair and put together your own darts really quickly, even during the game. 

CyeeLife also has fantastic after-sale service. You can simply email them if you need any extra materials or if you are unsatisfied with anything in the darts set, and they will send you a full replacement or offer a refund if you want.

#10. Wolftop 17g Soft Tip Dart Set for Electronic Dartboard

Wolftop 15 Pack Soft Tip Darts 18 Grams - Professional Darts Plastic Tip Set for Electronic Dart...
  • UNBREAKABLE ALUMINUM SHAFTS - These 2BA dart shafts are made of solid aluminum with anodized finish, more durable than PVC rods. Also designed with locking hole to allow you to use extra leverage to...
  • PRECISION-MACHINED BARRELS - High quality nickel plated steel barrels with good balance and unique styling. Strategically placed knurling and deep grooves can provide excellent gripping points and...
  • PERFECT FOR ALL LEVELS - Each soft tip dart weighs 18 grams. Whether you are a professional dart player, or just play for fun, these darts should fit the bill. All 15-pack soft tip darts come in a...

The Wolftop 17g Soft Tip Dart Set for Electronic Dartboard also comes with a set of 15 darts, meaning you and all of your friends or family can play together. The 2ba shafts of the Wolftop darts are extra durable and will hold up to many hours of gameplay, because they are made from solid aluminum with an anodized finish. They are also designed with a locking hole, so you can use extra leverage to fasten the shaft and barrel together and they form a sturdier bond that won’t wobble during flight. 

The barrels are made from high quality steel with a nickel plating, and they have great balance in your hand. The grip alternates between strategically placed knurled grooves and deep set grooves, which increases your control over the dart and improves the consistency in your grip. Each dart weighs in at exactly 17 grams, so the weight and balance will feel the same in your hand every time, giving you ample opportunity to get used to throwing the darts with the same technique over and over. 

Each package comes with 5 flights that are thickened to improve flight trajectories, as well as many extra dart tips in case of bent or broken ones. Wolftop also provides a 100% money back guarantee, which shows how confident they are in their own product, and that means you should be too. 


Are Steel Tip or Soft Tip Darts Better? 

Both steel tip and soft tip darts can be better for your situation depending on your preferences. Electronic dartboards exclusively use soft tip darts, and so if you like the amount of games you can play and the cool features of an electronic dartboard, soft tip darts would be the way to go. Softer darts are also inherently less dangerous because they cannot hurt somebody as much as steel tip darts.

What is the Ideal Weight for Soft Tip Darts? 

The ideal weight for soft tip darts is a matter of preference mostly. However, most people say the best weight for soft tip darts would be around 18 grams for a beginner, which is slightly lower than the 22 grams which is the ideal for steel tip darts. We would not recommend getting a dart below 16 grams.

Do Soft Tip Darts Break Easily? 

Soft tip darts usually lose their tips every few months or so, which is more frequently than steel tip darts. Most people will change tips anytime they start to bend.

Can I use Steel Tip Darts on an Electronic Dartboard? 

No, you cannot use steel tip darts on an electronic dartboard. This would damage the board and potentially even puncture it, plus it could be dangerous if the steel tip touches any of the electronic wiring hidden behind the board. Only use soft tip darts with an electronic dartboard.

Why do Soft Tip Darts Bounce Out? 

The most common reason that soft tip darts bounce out is that they are being thrown with too much of an arc. Because the holes in electronic dartboards stick out perpendicularly to the wall, any shot coming in at an angle will not land as well. It would be best to throw the darts with as little arc as possible to avoid bounce outs.

Conclusion: Which Soft Tip Dart is Best For You?

We hope that this buyer’s guide was able to help you choose the soft tip dart set that would work best for you. However, if you are still on the fence about which darts you should get, our recommendation would be the Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts. These darts are easily the most advanced and highest quality soft tip darts on the market, and you will not regret getting them one bit. 

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 20G SOFTIP
  • 97% Tungsten Barrels
  • Match Weighed to +/- 0.05 Grams
  • Black Titanium Nitride and Vivid Red Metallic Coating