The 10 Best Steel Tip Darts in 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

For many dart players, selecting a perfect set of darts can be even more complicated than finding the best dartboard. This is because often the choice for best dart is a matter of personal preference. With so many popular dart sets on the market, finding a set that best meets your own requirements can be challenging.

There is no fixed rule for selecting the right dart; as mentioned, it comes down to your personal choice and playing situation. Without an excellent quality dart, even the best players won’t perform up to their usual standards. Cheaply made darts are usually not correctly balanced, fall apart in a matter of weeks, and bounce off the board a lot more. 

Due to the wide range of darts available online, it can seem daunting to choose the right dart for you. However, if you know what to look for, you can quickly narrow down your options and find a set that suits your skill level and playing requirements.

There are several factors to consider before simply ordering the first set of cheap darts you come across. The darts you use will significantly affect the consistency and precision of your throws, which is why it’s essential to choose a set that matches your particular throwing style and playing specifications.

This article will specifically examine top of the line steel tip darts, which are used with bristle dartboards. If you are looking to play with an electronic dartboard, then you would need a set of soft tip darts.

Let’s have a detailed look at what steel tip darts are, and how to pick the best one for you.

How to Choose Steel Tip Darts: A Buying Guide

What Is A Steel Tip Dart?

Most bristle dartboards are played with steel tipped darts. The raw material used to make these darts are tungsten, brass, and nickel silver. Because brass is more light and stable, as nickel darts become heavier, they can become a little bulky. 

Though nickel silver darts are heavier, they are still considered light options in the sport of darts. Nickel silver darts have the advantage of not tarnishing as easily as other darts, so they look nicer for longer.

Tungsten is the densest material of the three, so nickel is usually added to keep the dart from breaking. The density of the barrel of the dart will increase as more tungsten is added to it. This allows for a smaller barrel to have a heavier weight. 

The most widely known dart weight is 18 grams, and professional dart players choose tungsten as their material.


If you’re an expert dart player who plans to participate in tournaments, high-quality tungsten darts and other essential features would be perfect for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re just a casual player looking for some nice darts to use in some matches against your friends, nickel-silver or even brass darts may be a good fit.


Most dart players will tell you that the weight is the first thing to look for in a set of darts. The weight of a dart is directly proportional to your throw’s angle and power.

Weighted darts need more strength and control to throw properly, but they typically fly straighter, whereas lighter darts can create a more pronounced arc. 

The recommended weight of a dart is 18 grams. It’s essential to use the same weight darts when performing dart exercises as you use in a match, since the incorrect weight will quickly throw off your accuracy. 

Using lighter darts for practice than the darts you would use in a game or at your local bar will make you throw lower on average, and make it harder to adjust mid-game.

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of your darts is another significant consideration. This basically means the darts’ center of gravity. The darts are weighted with the majority either in the front, middle, or back.

Darts are built to be held at their center of gravity. Front-weighted darts are held in the front, back-weighted darts are held in the back, and even-weighted darts can be held everywhere.

In some instances, the player decides the weight of their steel tip dart. Keep in mind, though, that the weight of the dart you select will automatically determine and control a lot in terms of speed, user convenience, and stability.

The bulk of commercial darts weigh between 15 and 28 gram, though occasionally more. Bear in mind that a lighter dart can be thrown faster and easier, but has less durability, while a heavier dart will do the exact reverse. It’s all about discovering that perfect spot, where you can get both the stability and pace you want.

It’s worth noting that lightweight darts perform well for arcing shots, but slightly heavier darts work well for straighter shots. Steel tip darts should be bought in the 20 to 24-gram range as a general rule.

Shape and Length

The dart’s form and length should fit the player’s grip style. The length of the barrel would not be a problem for players who only need a pair of fingers to grasp the dart, but if you use all of your fingers you might want a longer barrel.


Proper grip is one of the most important aspects of throwing a dart. The best dart grip texture is determined by how the player holds and releases the darts. For example, if the dart is kept in the center, the knurling on the back isn’t as significant. Fine grooves carved at an angle or hard knurling are popular on most models.

A good grip will make you feel comfortable and will increase your chances of a quality and accurate throw. Many new players tend not to worry about grip, but using the wrong kind could worsen your game instead of improving it. 


The majority of players are searching for darts with high tungsten content. Many high-quality darts are made of tungsten, which is a very dense material, so they can maintain a sturdy weight without sacrificing a thinner profile. 

Thinner darts result in closer groupings, which can lead to stronger, more consistent results. If you choose to throw less slim darts, you can use brass or nickel silver darts, which are much more affordable and can still offer a premium experience for most amateur players.


The shaft of the dart, like the barrel, can be made of several different materials. The most commonly used materials are nylon and aluminum. Top of the line tungsten darts commonly use different versions of aluminum shafts.

The shafts’ lengths can vary as well. If it’s short, the center of gravity of the dart will be located more toward the barrel’s front. Darts with shorter shafts, as a result, work better with a front-loaded barrel configuration, and vice versa for longer shafts.

Different Types of Shaft

Plastic or nylon

Plastic and nylon shafts are widely used and inexpensive, and they come in a range of colors, but they’re also potentially vulnerable to cracking. To most casual players, these shafts would be fine to use, though they could split if you are accurate enough to throw your darts very close together.

Aluminum shafts

Aluminum shafts are more robust and durable than plastic or composite shafts, and they can also come in a variety of vivid colors, and even with colorful engraved stripes, flutes, or spirals. Sometimes, though, they can vibrate erratically, particularly with heavy darts. 

Rubber O-rings should be mounted between the shafts and barrels of your darts to counteract this. When used with thicker shafts, the slots are required to be opened slightly. When struck, it will usually bend rather than break; you can merely straighten it out for further use.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber shafts are typically thinner and more durable than plastic or nylon shafts, but they are somewhat more expensive. High quality carbon dart shafts (such as L-Style Carbon shafts) have the longevity of aluminum dart shafts, but without the possibility of loosening or bending in the barrel, meaning that your darts remain accurate over time.


There are several shaft types now available that enable the flight to spin away from another dart if it is hit. Spinning shafts do not necessarily enhance the dart’s flight through the air, but they do allow for closer, more accurate groupings by aligning the flights. Broken flights, “robin-hooded” shafts, and deflections can all be significantly reduced with these style shafts.


The Alamo or Quiver composite shafts have plastic bases that loop onto the dart, in tandem with a flight carrying aluminum or metal alloy tops. These shafts have better longevity and won’t vibrate as much, either.


Flights, which are the winged part at the edge of the darts, come in several sizes, forms, thicknesses, patterns, and colors. Typical flight shapes are arrowhead, kite-shaped, and teardrop flights. The stand flights have a greater surface area, which will assist in stabilization in the air.

Most people choose a standard shape because it assists the dart’s natural arc rather than quickly slashing through the air. It also eliminates wobbling and makes your throws straighter. 

Longer shafts with either center-loaded or rear-loaded barrel forms fit well with this method of travel, as do other shapes with a greater surface area. When looking for a high quality steel tip dart, it’s easiest to start with a normal flight and then evaluate from there if you need to change.


The barrel is the most crucial aspect to remember when picking the right steel tip darts. The content of a barrel affects the consistency, longevity, and price of a darts set. 

In general, the higher the amount of tungsten in a barrel, the better. The state of the art barrels are made of 95% to 98% tungsten. In a competitive darts match, a tungsten dart can be the difference between winning and losing. 

Brass and other metals take up more volume per weight than tungsten, which is why professionals tend to stay away from them. However, for more casual matches, brass and nickel silver darts can be just as effective and a lot less expensive. 

Nickel silver barrels are another option; they have better consistency than brass darts at a comparable price.

Barrel Groove

The grooves on most dart barrels serves a valuable role in addition to being visually appealing. They affect how well you can grip your dart, which in turn affects accuracy and consistency. Different people choose different grips, and you should understand whether a dart comes with your desired grip before you buy. 

Sleek and pixel grips should be used by players with smooth hands. Rough handles, such as knurled, sandpaper, and shark fin, are suitable for those with rougher fingers with less gripping ability.

Dart Tip

There is not a lot of variation available in dart tips. A colored dart tip may add a touch of visual flair, as well as more easily separate your darts from others. Correspondingly, darts tips may be duplicated as well. That may be a longer term remedy, as it also allows you to repair a tip that has been broken due to use.

Throwing Style

A good technique while throwing a dart can help you score more points and be more consistent. The movement of your body and shoulder is the first thing to be aware of – don’t make movements that involve your shoulder or your body. Your arm should be the only body part moving during your throw, while your shoulder and body remain stationary. 

Your elbow should be fixed in place when you draw back your hand, and it should raise slightly when throwing the dart. Although, some professional dart players advise keeping your elbow fixed is more beneficial, so be sure to figure out which way works best for you. 

Just before the dart is released, many professional players can snap their wrist forward. This helps your arm to relax more while throwing the dart, resulting in more accurate aim and bullseye. 

At last, make sure that your follow through is correct. Your throwing arm should continue the throwing motion even after releasing the dart. Try to avoid having it fall to your side after releasing the dart, and let momentum carry it forward.


While the price isn’t a concern for everybody, it is for some. We all want the highest quality commodity for our needs, but it might be out of our financial control at times. Overall, though, darts is not an overly expensive sport. A little investment in good quality darts might help you to score better, and will always last longer, so it’s usually less expensive in the long run.

Best Brands

A well known and well respected brand is another good indicator of quality. Many sports have popular brands that are renowned among those that compete in them, and the darts world is no different. The best brands for sets of steel tip darts are Harrows, Target, and Viper. 

These brands are recommended by a lot of highly experienced professionals. They will definitely help you in improving your dart game. Although, at the end of the day, the game is won or lost based on you and your technique, not the brand of dart.


When buying darts, it’s also necessary to know about the warranties. Even professional dart players sometimes report quality issues with new brands. Therefore, always look to get a set of darts with a well rated warranty. Many brands offer a 90-day guarantee followed by a lifetime warranty.

Top Rated Steel Tip Dart Reviews 

#1. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Dart

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set, Includes Supergrip Fusion Shafts & Prime...
717 Reviews
Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set, Includes Supergrip Fusion Shafts & Prime...
  • Black Titanium Nitride and Vivid Red Metallic Coating
  • Black titanium nitride and a vivid, red metallic coating
  • Turned on CNC machines to create an intense, all over grip, ensuring a precise and consistent release

The Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Dart is as high as you can go, it’s the top of the line for steel tip darts. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews and is one of the best selling dart sets on the market. In its purest chemical form, tungsten is called Wolfram, so Harrows uses that name to show that these darts have the most pure tungsten in them of any dart available. 

Each barrel is made of 97% tungsten, so it has an optimal size to weight ratio. The barrels are as thin as possible, meaning you can fit multiple of them into the tightest of double and treble areas, while still maintaining a perfectly balanced, high density weight. The barrels also look superior due to the titanium nitride mixed with the vivid, red metallic coating. The shark fin grip increases the gripping capabilities of the dart, and an even weight distribution offers you the flexibility of holding it wherever feels most comfortable in your hand. 

With a matching weight of +/- 0.05 grams for every single dart in the set, you can be sure that each throw will feel and perform just like the last. This keeps you in rhythm and produces a more consistent, precise throw. Additionally, the Harrows Prime Flights keep the darts flying straight and fast, landing exactly where you aimed for. 

#2. IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set

IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set - Professional Darts with Stylish Case and Darts Guide, Steel Tip...
13,424 Reviews
IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set - Professional Darts with Stylish Case and Darts Guide, Steel Tip...
  • ✔️MAKE A STATEMENT WITH YOUR DARTS SET – Enhance your darts experience with these top-of-the-line metal tip darts. The sleek case features a magnetic closure for secure storage, and the...
  • ✔️PRECISION AT ITS FINEST – The different weights professional steel darts set with knurled brass barrels for a firm grip and higher precision. Robust aluminum shafts won’t bend or break, and...
  • ✔️BOOST YOUR DARTS TECHNIQUES – Improve your technique and confidence with a quality metal darts set offering optimum lift and stability. Standard and slim shape flights are included boosting...

If you’re looking for a less professional and less expensive option, the IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set is perfect for beginners and casual players. The set comes in an innovative case that has a magnetic clasp to keep it closed, and EVA foam inside to keep the darts safe from scratches as you store them or travel with them. 

Additionally, included with the set are enough darts for either 2 or 4 players, as well as extra Poly Standard dart flights that are aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance and provide a more stable flight trajectory, and a dart sharpener that will keep your dart tips sharp and better for gameplay. The shafts of the darts are made of aluminum and fitted with rubber O-rings to keep them tight during play and making them very durable and sturdy. 

The barrels themselves are made from premium brass, which has a lower density than tungsten and nickel, and therefore is a bit thicker for the same weight. This will keep the darts from being perfectly placed together in small areas, but as a beginner to intermediate player, this will not affect your play at all. The barrels feature a knurled grip to help with traction and are front weighted so they feel better when held in your fingers. 

#3. CC-Exquisite Professional Dart Set

CC-Exquisite Premium Steel Tip Darts Set - Professional Darts, Brass Barrels, Metal Tip Darts, Extra...
1,327 Reviews
CC-Exquisite Premium Steel Tip Darts Set - Professional Darts, Brass Barrels, Metal Tip Darts, Extra...
  • 🎯 THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF BARREL, SHAFT and FLIGHT can take a long time to discover! CC-EXQUISITE DARTS SET gives you the possibility of choice and experiment; you can try different combinations...
  • 🎯 SUPERIOR STEEL TIP DARTS SET includes: 6 x 20g High Quality UNBREAKABLE BRASS BARRELS + 12 EXTRA DURABLE Aluminum Shafts in two lengths (6 x 35mm/6 x 48mm) + 12 O-RINGS to Prevent Loosening + 12...
  • 🎯 MULTIPLE SET-UP OPTIONS. Experimentation will help you discover the perfect dart setup for your style. Creating your Custom Accessory Configuration, you will be able to find the best possible...

If you’re not sure how exactly you want your darts to be configured, then the CC-Exquisite Professional Dart Set would be a perfect set to look into. This set of 6 darts comes with a lot of customizable options, in order for you to find the best possible combination to fit your unique style and skill level. Included are 12 well made, aluminum shafts that are durable and steady in flight, and they come in two different lengths, 35 millimeter and 48 millimeters shafts. You can try them both and see which one is easier or more challenging. All shafts in both lengths come with an O-Ring to prevent loosening while being used.

Also included are 12 dart flights, which again come in two different shapes and designs. You can try the 6 standard flights, or experiment with the 6 slim flights, to see which one helps the dart fly more true and aerodynamically. Lastly, a keychain dart tool is included that acts as a flight slot tightener, a flight closing system, a sharpening stone, and a bottle opener all in one. 

With regards to the barrels included in the set, they are made from premium brass, and designed to be as slim as you can find for the price. Every barrel has precision knurled grooves made in it, as well as cut rings for superior hand placement. This will improve your grip and keep it consistent for each and every throw. 

#4. CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

CUESOUL 28 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten with Luxury Case
1,619 Reviews
CUESOUL 28 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten with Luxury Case
  • 28 Grams 95% Tungsten Barrel , Center Weighted for Easier Controlling
  • 11 Hand Painted Rings Grooved, 4 Small Knurled Barrels Grips in Front 95% Tungsten Barrel
  • Anodized Aluminum Shaft,Medium(46mm/1.8" include thread)

The CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set is a set that can be used by anyone, whether they are professional players or just bought their first dartboard. These darts are made of the highest quality tungsten, and boast an incredible 95% tungsten alloy, which allows them to have a razor thin profile. With such slim darts, you can land them as close together on the dartboard as your skill allows, greatly reducing forced bounce outs and giving you more landing area in the doubles, trebles, and bullseye. 

The barrels have 11 handpainted rings carved into them, spaced purposefully to help you locate your optimal grip point. In addition to the carved rings, there are 4 sections with knurled grooves, which allows you to exert very little pressure with your fingers while maintaining an absolute grip on the barrel. The dart is evenly weighted as well, so it won’t tip either way when held in the right position. 

The set also includes medium length shafts made of the finest anodized aluminum. This extends the lifespan of the darts immeasurably, and gives you many hours of gameplay without worrying about wear and tear. There are 3 extra shafts as well, so any minor mistakes can be easily remedied by switching one out for another. Additionally, there are 3 different types of flights, so you can choose which option is best for your particular style. These products, as well as a dart sharpener and a most handy dart tool, come in a neat package in the CueSoul Deluxe Dart Case. 

#5. Target Carrera Titanium Black Steel Tip Darts

Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Steel Tip Darts, C10, 24gm
89 Reviews
Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Steel Tip Darts, C10, 24gm
  • Revolutionary Target Carrera Darts Set
  • Combines Axial & Radial Precision Milled Cuts
  • Bi Directional Grip

The Target Carrera Titanium Black Steel Tip Darts come highly recommended by the Target Darts brand, so much so that they come with a life-time barrel guarantee. This is exceedingly rare in the darts world, and shows that Target Darts stand by their product, and that the high price tag shouldn’t put you off because they will pay off in the long run. 

The barrels are made of a 90% tungsten alloy, which is perfect for all players as it allows you to fit them into smaller areas as your skill level grows. Hitting triple doubles or trebles or bullseyes will be a breeze. But it’s the grip of the barrel that really sets these darts apart from the competition. Each barrel features a combination of axial and radial precisely milled cuts, which allows for a bi-directional grip. This gives you unprecedented control over your darts, and helps you to maximize the potential of your grip and aiming technique. 

The darts also come with Target Pro Grip shafts and Vision Flights, both of which are top of the line and help the darts fly in a stable, straight line every time. This helps you to hone your throwing technique and raise your skill level rapidly, because these darts will always go exactly where you throw them.

#6. UZOPI 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts

UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams with Dart Sharpener and 3 Extra Flights, Aluminum Shafts &...
5,377 Reviews
UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams with Dart Sharpener and 3 Extra Flights, Aluminum Shafts &...
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - this easy-grip metal darts set is great for beginners. Our darts steel tip set ensure a more stable flight and a strong, established hold once in the board. Perfect...
  • STRATEGIC DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM CONTROL - the ergonomic wide glide flights of our steel tip darts have been specially designed to help increase speed and minimize drag. This gives you more control of the...
  • SHARE THE FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS - you can use this 15 dart set to play at the pub or at home with your friends. Incorporating 5 different flight designs, it’s ready-made for competitive & friendly...

The UZOPI 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts is near unbeatable at its current price point. Aside from the most competitive dart players, everyone would be able to enjoy this set of 15 steel tip darts. The bonus items included in the set include 3 extra dart flights and a dart point sharpener, so this set can last a long time even with a few minor mishaps along the way. And 15 darts is enough for you and all of your friends and family to play together, without having to worry about sharing darts or keeping track of whose is whose. 

The darts have deluxe brass barrels, which all look very classy with a great matte-black and gold combination. These copper-covered barrels have knurled grooves for improved grip positioning and consistency, and deeper set grooves to help you with hand placement. The dart flights are ergonomic and wide set, both of which minimize drag and increase flight speed. This helps the darts fly straight and land exactly where you aim. 

Additionally, the stainless steel dart tips will last a long time, and hold up to many hours of intense gameplay. This plus the denser weighted darts keeps the darts stuck into the board when they land, rather than falling or bouncing out, preventing dangerous situations. 

#7. Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Darts

Viper by GLD Products Sinister 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts, 24 Grams,Silver,23-3809-24
285 Reviews
Viper by GLD Products Sinister 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts, 24 Grams,Silver,23-3809-24
  • Designed with high quality 95/5 tungsten slim barrels which allows for tighter shot groupings
  • A smooth, sleek barrel creates excellent gripping points that enhance your control
  • Features aluminum shafts with a locking hole to increase tightness and improve stability

The Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Darts set is one of the best darts you can buy for experienced or professional players. Because they are made from a 95% tungsten alloy, they are thinner but more dense than almost all comparable darts. This allows you to throw more accurately and to fit more darts into a tighter, smaller window, which is perfect for players with the skill level to hit trebles and bullseyes on a high percentage of throws. 

Other features include strong aluminum shafts that keep your darts durable throughout many games, and they have locking holes that lock to the barrels and increase stability of the whole dart both in flight and on the dartboard. The flights that are included are specially designed to eliminate drag and increase aerodynamic efficiency, so the darts stick more thoroughly to the board. 

The barrels have a sleek, smooth outer coating that both makes the darts look classy and futuristic, and it helps you to grip the barrel wherever is most comfortable and produce a clean release every time. These darts will look great and perform great, and increase your ability regardless of what skill level you start from. 

#8. Wolftop 15 Pack Premium Steel Tip Dart Set

Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams, Professional Darts Metal Tip Set with Aluminum Shafts,...
2,854 Reviews
Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams, Professional Darts Metal Tip Set with Aluminum Shafts,...
  • UNBREAKABLE ALUMINUM SHAFTS - These 2BA dart shafts are made of solid aluminum with anodized finish, more durable than PVC rods. Also designed with locking hole to allow you to use extra leverage to...
  • PRECISION-MACHINED BARRELS - High quality brass plated steel barrels with good balance and unique styling. Strategically placed knurling and deep grooves can provide excellent gripping points and...
  • PERFECT FOR ALL LEVELS - Each steel tip dart weighs 18 grams. Whether you are a professional dart player, or just play for fun, these darts should fit the bill. All 15-pack steel tip darts come in a...

With 15 darts included, the Wolftop 15 Pack Premium Steel Tip Dart Set is a great set for family or friends to all get together and play, and the quality of the darts will make the game really competitive, regardless of skill level! The barrels of these darts are made with brass plated steel, which is very high quality and lasts for many hours of play. At the price, you won’t find as large a set of darts with better crafted materials. 

The barrels also use a combination of deep grooves and knurling to create a strong handling grip, with the deep grooves strategically placed to provide the best control and grip technique. If you are a new player, these will help everything about your throwing stance, especially your grip and aiming precision. Additionally, the flights that are included are thicker than most dart flights, which provides stability throughout its arc and propels it forward to hit the dartboard exactly where you want it. 

The 2ba dart shafts are made from a strong, solid aluminum with an anodized finish, and Wolftop proudly presents them as indestructible. They are also designed with a locking hole and rubber O-Rings that more securely fasten the dart shaft to the barrel, keeping it from wobbling during flight and helping the dart to fly more true. 

#9. Sametop Steel Tip 18 Gram Darts Set

Sametop Darts Steel Tip Darts Set 18 Grams with Flights, Aluminum Shafts, Brass Barrels and Dart...
599 Reviews
Sametop Darts Steel Tip Darts Set 18 Grams with Flights, Aluminum Shafts, Brass Barrels and Dart...
  • Unbreakable Dart Shafts - The darts steel tip set is equipped with aluminum dart shafts that are much durable than PVC rods since metal dart shafts characterize exceptional damage resistance to the...
  • Practical Design - Each dart is 18g. The brass dart barrel is strategically machined grooves that will give players comfortable grip and great feeling for every throw. The stylish dart flights are...
  • Reinforce for the Darts - Darts steel tip set is fitted rubber o-ring between dart shaft and barrel to keep your dart firmly tight and avoid stripping out during rounds. A sharpener stone is used to...

The Sametop Steel Tip 18 Gram Darts Set is specifically aimed at beginner dart players both in the materials included in the set, as well as the price. It is one of the least expensive options for steel tip darts out there, even though it comes with either 12 or 15 darts, which is enough to have a game that includes the whole family. If you’ve just invested in your first dartboard and are looking to get started with the world of darts, this set is perfect for you. 

The steel tip darts included in this set have brass barrels that are made from a sturdy brass material that keeps them from being damaged through the normal wear and tear of play. Any of the normal nicks and scrapes that darts endure usually take their toll, but these darts are more durable than that. The aluminum shafts as well has a rubber O-Ring fitted between shaft and barrel to further solidify the dart and keep it steady throughout the game. You also won’t have to tighten it midgame. 

On the barrel are a combination of knurled grooves and deep set grooves to give players a comfortable and consistent gripping surface. This will help your throws be more accurate and your releases to be smoother and steadier – the darts will go where you want them to more often! Additionally, the dart flights in this set are made to particularly reduce drag and to fly through the air uniformly, meaning you can practice a precise and memorized throw every time.

#10. Ohuhu Stainless Steel Needle Tip Darts

Ohuhu Steel Tip Darts, Professional Metal Darts with National Flag Flights (4 Styles) - Dart Metal...
4,356 Reviews
Ohuhu Steel Tip Darts, Professional Metal Darts with National Flag Flights (4 Styles) - Dart Metal...
  • 【Metal Darts for Dartboard】Designed with high quality stainless metal tip darts, brass barrel and a pvc shaft. Our Ohuhu darts are unbreakable and durable, not easy to get wear and tear.
  • 【Darts Steel Tip Set Professional】Hanks to the unique skid-proof grain of our darts metal tip set on the brass barrel gives you a firm grip on the dart and on your reign as the ultimate darts...
  • 【Detachable Darts Body】This metal tip darts body can be disassembled into three parts, the detachable dart tips parts mean you can easily switch out parts that seem a little rusty.

By far the least expensive option on this list, the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Needle Tip Darts are one of the most popular and highest reviewed sets of steel tip darts currently out there for anyone who is on a budget. Although these darts come with a budget price tag, they are not made from budget materials, and that is why they are consistently best sellers. 

The Ohuhu set comes with stainless steel dart tips that are incredibly sound and do not dent or break easily, so you can play as much as you like without worry of damaging them. The barrel is coated in copper plating, and it comes with a unique skid-proof grain that allows you to grip the dart very securely. It won’t slip out of your hand, and it also features a knurled groove design that keeps your grip tight and precise. This will help you aim and throw better and straighter. 

Every part of the dart is interchangeable and can be easily separated, so you can always replace any faults quickly and simply. And, if you have any refund or replace requests, the Ohuhu team is reachable usually within 24 hours, and are always willing to help make your dart experience the best it can be.


Why Do People Stick a Dart Into a Potato Before Throwing? 

Some players have an odd ritual where they stick a steel tip dart into a potato before they throw. This coats the tip in starch and supposedly makes it stick into the sisal fibers of the dartboard more effectively. This can reduce bounce outs. You can also use an onion or simply a glass of water to get the same result. 

What Is the Ideal Weight For a Steel Tip Dart? 

The ideal weight for a steel tip dart varies from player to player. Some prefer heavier darts and some prefer lighter. The recommended range for players just starting out would be between 22 and 26 grams, as this is in the middle of the spectrum but toward the lighter end.

How Do You Sharpen a Steel Tip Dart? 

Most dart sets come with a dart sharpening. Simply use this tool to maintain the sharpness of your darts. You can do this before every match, which would take only a few minutes, or you can wait until your darts are bouncing out more to sharpen them, which would take longer but can be done less frequently. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got all the facts, which set of steel tip darts do you think would be best for you? The answer to that depends on your unique situation. However, we feel that if you still have yet to make up your mind and would like a recommendation, our choice for the best steel tip darts would be the Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts. These darts are the top of the line in every way, and will improve your abilities whether you’re a beginner or darting expert!

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set, Includes Supergrip Fusion Shafts & Prime...
717 Reviews
Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set, Includes Supergrip Fusion Shafts & Prime...
  • Black Titanium Nitride and Vivid Red Metallic Coating
  • Black titanium nitride and a vivid, red metallic coating
  • Turned on CNC machines to create an intense, all over grip, ensuring a precise and consistent release