How to Maintain and Repair Your Dartboard

Everybody likes spending time with friends and family playing some entertaining indoor games. One such game that can keep you occupied for hours is darts. Dartboards can be really fun to have at home, but maintaining them is a different thing altogether.

It can be a struggle to know how to maintain and repair your dartboard. For one thing, there is a huge variety of dartboards available today. There are bristle dartboards, electronic dartboards, bluetooth-enabled dartboards, magnetic dartboards, and others.

The electronic dartboards can be divided into two types, ones that need power and others that work with just batteries. For dartboards that need power, you will have to keep the dartboard plugged into an electric socket. One with batteries is more convenient as it offers mobility and can be played anywhere. You might want to consider a few things before investing in an electronic dartboard. The depth and the density level of the dartboard surface are significant. 

How Long Do Dartboards Typically Last? 

Abstract background. Old dartboard target and rusty metal texture.

Before you plan on buying a new dartboard, you might want to read about the longevity of a dartboard. Dartboards are usually sturdy and designed to last long. However, your dartboard’s life depends on many factors – the weight of the dart, the type of point it has, how often you play, and how hard you throw are some of the common factors that affect its longevity. 

With proper maintenance, a bristle dartboard can last up to five years if you play once or twice a week, a couple hours at a time. If you play for multiple hours every day, it could last around a year. An electronic dartboard can last for years as well.

Your best bet to keep your dartboard lasting a long time is regular maintenance and repairs. Abiding by some simple rules can help you keep your dartboard as good as new.

Ways to Maintain and Repair a Dartboard

Turn Your Dartboard

One should regularly turn the dartboard as it spreads out the wear, instead of only doing damage to a specific area. All you need to do is remove the ring from the dartboard and turn it a few segments at a time. However, you will notice that the damage on the inner and outer bullseye segments cannot be protected by merely rotating the dartboard. 

Therefore, dart games such as Cricket that rely on the center sections of the board may cause it to be worn out faster than playing other games. Additionally, it would help if you stored your dartboard in a cool, dry place and away from dampness or mildew.

Do Not Soak the Dartboard

The dartboard should not come in contact with any type of liquid ever. Therefore, soaking your dartboard is a strict no-no. Moreover, even spraying liquid on the dartboard must be avoided at all times. These actions will indeed cause damage to the dartboard and, in turn, decrease its lifespan.

However, a damp (not wet) cloth can be used to wipe down the dartboard surface if you need to clean it. See our post on how to clean a dartboard for more information.

Keep Your Dart Tips Smooth

The standard smooth and sharp tips are always preferable for your darts, especially for steel tip darts. Blunt or engineered dart points can cause damage early and often to your dartboard, while the hooked ones can pull fibers out of the board, impacting its performance and decreasing its lifespan.

We can help you sharpen your steel tip darts if you need to learn, which can help both your darts and dartboard last longer.

Do Not Weigh Down Your Dartboard

The screw located at the center of the back of our dartboards is engineered to support the dartboard’s weight. However, some additional accessories like a lightning system can cause the board to fall off. Even if it doesn’t fall off, the excess weight can cause the board to bend or to sag and that will change the dimensions of the board. This can cause damage to the dartboard and its engineering.

Electronic Dartboard Repair

First and foremost, an electric dartboard must be kept level on the wall. It is suggested that you use a level tool to help you adjust the dartboard; this will ensure it is accurate and keep the dartboard from falling. Also, if you ever find your electronic dartboard acting weird or not scoring results accurately, then a simple reset the dartboard should fix it. 

These dartboards usually come with a tiny reset button right around the back or front of the plastic case. You can use a thin, pointy object to press and hold the button, resetting the device to its original factory settings. Improper functions caused by memory errors can be avoided using this process.

Setting Up the Dartboard

Apart from all the points mentioned above, it is essential to pay special attention when setting up your dartboard. Evaluate the space where you are planning to set up your dartboard. This area must be secluded from the rest of the house to ensure fewer obstacles to your play during your gameplay.

Prepare the wall and floor around the board and double check to make sure the floor is level and there are no slopes. A dart mat is helpful to keep the floor undamged and to mark the proper distance from the throw lines. Wooden floors in general are best avoided.

It is quite possible that many of your darts don’t hit the board, or will bounce off and hit the wall or land on the floor. Therefore, you need to protect your wall with a protective board to avoid damaging the wall. While placing the wall bracket, keep in mind that the bullseye must be at 5 feet 8 inches from the ground level. Once you are done fixing the dartboard, all you need to do is fix the cabinet or scoreboard adjacent to the dartboard, and you’re all set to enjoy the game.


Electronic or bristle, soft tip or steel tip, there are multiple options available for dartboards. You need to evaluate the features based on your specific situation and make the right decision for you.

While we certainly hope that the points mentioned above will help you choose the right type, and help you maintain and repair any dartboard you have well enough to keep it in use for years. Above are only a few simple and basic points, but they will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.