How Many Points is a Bullseye Worth in Darts?

Scoring points in a dart’s game is simple to understand. But the ultimate goal of the game is to hit the bullseye. It’s the most difficult target to hit, as it’s the smallest distinct area on the board, and for someone who’s still to getting familiar with the game, it can become somewhat daunting. In this article, we’ll discuss the number of points a bullseye is worth in a game of darts.

What is the Bullseye?

When it comes to darts, hitting the bullseye is often thought of as the ultimate target. Of course, since it’s so tiny and elusive, this can be one of the most challenging activities to complete. The dartboard is somewhat similar to an archery board and can be scored in the same way. The closer to the center of the board you hit, the more points you get.

The regulation height of the dartboard is when the bullseye is 5 ft, 8 inches off the floor.

In most tournaments, though, the bullseye can be much more than just helping you win points. It can also decide who gets the first-throwing advantage. This is why it’s essential to know everything there is to know about the bullseye.

The Two Sections

One of the most important things to note about the bullseye is that it is separated into two distinct parts. The inner part, which is usually red and known as the double bull or cork, is the exact center of the dartboard. The outer section, which generally is green, is known as the single bull section or simply bull.

Points for a Bullseye

Hitting a true bullseye – the red circle in the very middle of the dartboard – gives the thrower 50 points. It is also called a double bull. Hitting the green ring around the center circle – what is called the single bullseye – gives the thrower 25 points.

The double bullseye is called as such because it is worth double the points of the single bullseye. The numbered triangular sections around the bullseye are worth the amount of points that their number says.

The outer red and green ring nearest to the actual written numbers is called a ‘double’, and is worth twice as much as its section’s normal value. The red/green inner ring (nearer to the bullseye) is called a treble, and is three times the single value of the number. This means a treble 20 is the highest point total you can get on one throw – 60 points.

Why is the Bullseye Important?

You may be asking why the bullseye is so critical because you have a treble 20 score that is worth more points. And if you miss the bullseye by a slight margin, hitting the outer bullseye would only earn you 25 points. 

However, on both sides of the 20 area are the numbers 1 and 5. So, if you miss the treble 20, you might only get 1, 3, or 5 points, and even if you hit within the 20 area you only get 20 points. Going for the bullseye minimizes the risk of missing by a little bit, compared to the treble areas.

In 501

The “501” tournament is the easiest. Starting with 501 points, each artist throws three darts in a row. Every round’s score is calculated and then subtracted from the performer’s sum. The inner bull is worth 50 points, the outer ring is worth 25, and the dart in the double or treble ring is worth double or triple the number of the section. 

The target is to be the first to get the score down to 0, except that the final dart thrown would have to land in a double or bullseye. The score of a player is cancelled if it slips to 1 or below 0, and the score resets to where it was at the start of the round.


What is an Alan Evans shot?

When all three of your darts lands in the red bullseye section, it’s known as the Alan Evens shoot. Sid Waddell, a dart commentator, coined the phrase. This was called to reference a Welsh dart player David “Alan” Evans, famous for this shot. He was said to have finished on 150 (three bullseyes) eight times on a Scottish tour! 

Alan Evans was a professional darts player, a former world number 1, and one of the first darts players to gain television attention for his propensity for scoring these kinds of shots daily.

Is the bullseye worth the most points?

The bullseye is not worth the most points on the dartboard. The small red/green section in the middle of the 20 area is called the treble 20, and landing a dart there gets you triple the points of the number, or 60 points.

A bullseye is worth 50 points. Therefore it is worth less than a treble 19 (57 points), treble 18 (54 points), and a treble 17 (51 points). It is therefore the 5th most desirable spot to hit in darts.


A game of darts can be scored in several ways, and scoring a leg, or round, may seem very daunting to someone unfamiliar with the sport’s intricacies. It is helpful if you know the inner bullseye is worth 50 points and the outer bullseye is worth 25 points.